The culinary specialties of Denmark, here we go! Because the food, that’s true. Do not judge, I’m sure you’re the same. Well you guessed it is mostly fish that you will find here, but I assure you that there it is better.


Feint! For the first, we present you with a kind of stew made from pork, beef and lots of vegetables. In the French we simmer all this for hours and hop it melts in the mouth.

The Eeel Rolled

A typical Danish dish! Well there we are on fish you understood. Basically it’s an eel stuffed with seasoned onions, boiled in a cloth (like a good ham in a tea towel) it’s accompanied with potatoes. It’s famous!


A delicious national dish that is actually a slice of black rye bread with butter and shrimp or salmon topping. It is accompanied by radishes, eggs and chives. Frankly it is the best meal on the go that you can eat during your break already when you will be in training in Denmark.

Stegt flæsk med persillesovs

A traditional dish very popular in Denmark. This dish is in fact crispy pork with a marbled sauce accompanied by bacon and potatoes. I do not know you but personally I have water in my mouth when writing these lines.


These are pastries that look like croissants with puff pastry, garnished with almond paste and cinnamon. It’s not light, but with the biting cold, you’ll need it. Otherwise depending on the bakeries the wienerbrød can also be filled with pecan nuts. It is really good !


This one must be a little more courageous to test it, it is actually herring (do not worry, it is boneless) that is eaten with all kinds of sauces. Frankly, it’s not bad.

Now that you know more about Danish culinary specialties, you can try to pronounce them! SPOILER: I did not succeed. If you are interested in an internship in Denmark, you can contact us if you want