For your internship you want to go to the country where the terrain is the flattest in the world and where good living is essential? Then I will give you the culinary specialities of Latvia to prepare your internship abroad. At first, some of the dishes may seem strange to you, but if you are open to an unforgettable gastronomic journey in Latvia, you will want to take all the food home with you.

Potato pancake

Potatoes, in general, are extremely important to Latvian cuisine as they are one of the vegetables that can easily grow in the local fields. As the name suggests, the potato pancake is a potato-based pancake but can be served with cheese or grass.

The Rupjmaize

Rupjmaize is a traditional Latvian bread made from whole rye, baked in a hearth oven and shaped into a long loaf. It has a unique flavour that is both sour and sweet.

Beetroot soup

Beetroot soup is a unique Latvian dish, also very popular in Lithuania. At first it may taste and look a bit strange, because let’s be honest; nobody expects a soup to be purple, plus it is regularly eaten cold with special ingredients (kefir, eggs or cucumber).

Latvian karbonade

Latvian karbonade is a thinly sliced pork chop coated with flour and eggs. It is another Latvian dish, but in Latvia it is a popular main course, often prepared in the family home.

Rye bread

When you are on an internship you will see that rye bread is extremely popular in Latvia, and there are many varieties, including black sour or sweet rye. Latvians love to serve rye with almost any dish. It is also commonly eaten with cheese and ham for breakfast.

Even though Latvian cuisine may seem a bit atypical, it is above all simple and friendly. If you would like to do your internship abroad in Latvia and discover this special cuisine, click here.