Hello, you are actively looking for an engineering internship and you think Malta might be what you are looking for both in terms of assignments and life in Malta? You have come to the right place! I’ll be able to give you the information that will help you decide whether or not to go to Malta! 

Going to Malta for an engineering internship

Doing your engineering internship in Malta offers a number of interesting advantages. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this destination:

Career opportunities: Malta is home to a booming engineering sector. You will have the opportunity to work in dynamic and innovative companies, particularly in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, renewable energy and construction. This will be an opportunity to develop your technical skills and get to grips with exciting projects.

International working environment: Malta is a cosmopolitan country where you will meet professionals from all over the world. Working in an international environment will enable you to expand your professional network, open up to new perspectives and develop valuable intercultural skills.

Quality of life: Malta offers a pleasant living environment and a sunny Mediterranean climate all year round. You can enjoy beautiful beaches, water sports and outdoor activities in your spare time. What’s more, life in Malta is relatively affordable compared with other European countries, which is an advantage for a work placement student.

Cultural and historical heritage: Malta has a rich history dating back thousands of years. You’ll have the chance to discover fascinating archaeological sites, medieval cities and ancient remains. Maltese culture is also very much a part of everyday life, particularly through its gastronomy, festivities and unique traditions.

Strategic location: Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta offers an ideal base from which to explore other European and African countries during your stay. Air links are well-developed, making it easy to travel and explore during your holidays or weekends away.

In short, doing your engineering internship in Malta will allow you to benefit from interesting professional opportunities, a pleasant quality of life, a stimulating international environment and a captivating cultural and historical wealth. It’s an experience that combines work and pleasure, allowing you to develop your skills while enjoying the charms of this beautiful Mediterranean island. Good luck with your engineering internship in Malta!

Doing an engineering internship in Malta: the preferred areas for doing an engineering internship in Malta

Malta offers a variety of internship opportunities in different fields for engineering students. Here are some of the areas in which you could consider doing your internship:

Information and communication technologies

Malta has a thriving environment for businesses focused on information and communication technologies. Many international companies have established a presence in Malta due to its advanced digital infrastructure and business-friendly environment. As an engineering student, you could take advantage of this dynamic to find an exciting internship in this field.

Application development is one of the most sought-after fields in Malta. You could join a development team and take part in the design, programming and implementation of applications for various platforms, such as mobile applications, web applications or company-specific software. This would allow you to gain valuable experience in software development and strengthen your programming skills.

Cybersecurity is another fast-growing field in Malta. As an intern, you could work on IT security projects, such as risk analysis, intrusion detection, data protection and vulnerability management. This would be an opportunity to familiarise yourself with security best practice and the latest technologies used to protect systems and data.

Data analysis has become crucial in many sectors, and Malta is no exception to this trend. As an intern, you could be involved in data analysis projects, using advanced tools and techniques to extract useful information from large datasets. This would allow you to develop your skills in data processing, statistical modelling and interpretation of results.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing field in Malta. You could have the opportunity to work on AI projects, such as creating chatbots, voice or facial recognition, machine learning and computer vision. This would give you hands-on experience in applying AI to real-world problems.

Finally, network management is an essential aspect of information and communication technologies. As a trainee, you could be involved in configuring, monitoring and maintaining computer networks, communication systems and technological infrastructures. This would enable you to develop your network administration skills and familiarise yourself with the standards and protocols used in this field.

Renewable energy

Malta recognises the importance of reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and promoting renewable energy to preserve the environment and ensure sustainable energy production. As an engineering student interested in renewable energy, you could find exciting internship opportunities in this field in Malta.

Solar energy is one of the main sources of renewable energy used in Malta. You could have the opportunity to work with companies specialising in the installation and maintenance of solar panels, for both residential and commercial projects. You could be involved in designing solar systems, optimising their output and monitoring their performance.

Wind energy is also developing in Malta. You could find internship opportunities with companies that are involved in the installation and operation of onshore or offshore wind farms. You could contribute to projects involving wind turbine design, site viability analysis and wind turbine siting planning.

Marine energy is an emerging field in which Malta is investing more and more. You could have the chance to work on projects related to wave, tidal or ocean current energy. You could be involved in the design and implementation of marine technologies, such as tidal turbines or wave energy converters.

By joining a company specialising in renewable energy in Malta, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the island’s energy transition and gain valuable experience in a forward-looking field. You could be involved in practical projects, from planning to installation and maintenance, which would allow you to develop your technical skills and understand the challenges associated with using renewable energy.

Construction and civil engineering

Malta is currently undergoing rapid development, resulting in a growing demand for construction and infrastructure. As an engineering student interested in these areas, you could find exciting internship opportunities in Malta.

Construction is a key sector in Malta, with many projects underway such as the construction of residential, commercial and tourist buildings. You could have the opportunity to work on large-scale projects, taking part in different phases of the construction process, from planning to completion. You could contribute to project management, work coordination, quality supervision and value for money.

Architectural design is also an interesting field for an internship in Malta. You could be involved in innovative building design projects, working with talented architects and designers. You could contribute to 3D modelling, drawing up plans, selecting materials and developing architectural concepts.

Civil engineering is another relevant field for an internship in Malta. You could be involved in infrastructure construction projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels or transport networks. You could be involved in planning, design, cost estimating, site management and supervision of works.

Malta also attaches particular importance to water resource management and environmental protection. You could find internship opportunities in companies specialising in water resource management, water purification, wastewater treatment or waste management. You could contribute to projects aimed at optimising water use, developing sustainable solutions and preserving the environment.

Maritime engineering

Due to its strategic geographical position in the Mediterranean, Malta is an important maritime centre offering numerous internship opportunities in various sectors of the maritime industry.

If you’re interested in shipbuilding, you could find work placement opportunities in shipyards or companies specialising in building and repairing ships. You could work alongside experienced engineers, taking part in the planning, design, construction supervision and maintenance of ships.

Port logistics is another relevant area for an internship in Malta. With its well-developed ports and international shipping links, Malta is a key logistics hub. You could be involved in supply chain management, port operations planning, warehouse management and shipping coordination.

If you’re interested in shipping and shipping management, you could find work placement opportunities with shipping companies, freight companies or logistics agencies. You could be involved in activities such as managing transport operations, optimising routes, coordinating cargo and complying with international maritime regulations.

Maritime safety is also a fast-growing field in Malta. As an intern, you could work with companies specialising in maritime safety, surveillance of maritime areas, accident prevention and anti-piracy measures. You could be involved in projects to enhance maritime safety, implement advanced surveillance systems and promote compliance with international standards.

These areas are just a selection of the opportunities available in Malta. I hope I’ve given you all the information you need for your engineering internship in Malta. If you’d like to start the process of finding your engineering internship in Malta, contact us too and we’ll help you get started! To help you convince yourself, check out our testimonials, including that of François and our experience in Malta!

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