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Hello, you are actively looking for an engineering internship and you think Malta might be what you are looking for both in terms of assignments and life in Malta? You have come to the right place! I’ll be able to give you the information that will help you decide whether or not to go to Malta! 

Going to Malta for an engineering internship

By going to Malta to do your internship abroad, you will be sure to gain great professional skills while enjoying and partying in your free time. The climate in Malta is very pleasant, so you can go for walks, bike rides or boat parties. Be careful with boat parties as they are often unsafe and drowning can happen. Maltese people are very welcoming and smiling. You can easily meet new people and enjoy your stay with your new friends. Life in Malta is very pleasant and it is a good way to improve your English. Malta being a tourist island, Maltese people have a very good command of English even if they have a particular accent that you will be able to discover directly on the spot! 

Preferred area to do your engineering internship in Malta

There are several options for your engineering internship in Malta. The most popular field of engineering in Malta is aeronautics. In your internship as an aeronautical engineer in Malta you will be designing, testing and maintaining prototypes, researching advanced materials and many other tasks depending on the specialisation of the company. It is also quite possible to find an internship in Malta as a computer engineer or in home automation. The assignments will be very varied. You will be able to find what you are looking for if you decide to go to this archipelago to do your internship abroad! 

J’espère avoir pu te donner toutes les informations dont tu as besoin pour ton stage en tant qu’ingénieur à Malte. Si tu souhaites lancer les démarches pour trouver ton stage d’ingénieur à Malte, contacte-nous aussi et on t’accompagnera dans ton projet ! ?