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Internship in Asia : International Horizons helps you to go on internship in Asia. Be ready for an amazing experience !

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In Asia

Be ready for an amazing experience in Asia ! We offer several destination : South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Azerbaijan.

An internship in Asia would be a super experience : internal flights on the continent are cheap, so being there you can visit many countries ! Plus, we get a lot of tips, just read our blog or contact us, as we can advice you. Goin to Asia will be an amazing experience, enriching whether for you or your needs of skills !

To get an intenrship in Asia through International Horizons, just sign in ; the team will contact you back in the next 48H. The aim of this first contact is to understand your project. Then, we seek and find you the perfect internship in Asia that would match with you needs ! 

Our service has to be paid only when you agreed with the company on the internship’s conditions ; and after the agreement is signed bu the company. Please, update your CV before to contact us, we would need it to evaluate the feasability of your internship project.

To go on internship abroad, you must get an internship agreement, otherwise the period could be illegal, and would not be covered by insurance. If you don’t get it, just contact the team : International Horizons will find you a solution to get an agreement ! Let’s go for your internship in Asia !

How to go on internship abroad

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Easy ! You just need to sign in, and we contat you back in the next 48H. The team would set up with you the best project abroad. Don’t forget to send us your resume, as we can evaluate the feasability of your project.

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We take of everything. You just need to be patient ! As soon as we find a company, you will get an interview with it, on Skype or Whatsapp. Be aware of the jetlag with Asia : interview can be really early in the morning !

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Let’s go ! As soon as the company signed the agreement, you make the paiement of 400€ for your internship in Asia. Then, just book your flight, and let’s go for your internship in Asia !

Informations about your internship in Asia

Internship in South East Asia

An internship in Southeast Asia with International Horizons is possible! We propose you to go on an internship in Thailand, or internship in Indonesia. And, both have nothing to do. While Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, Thailand is mostly Buddhist. Culturally, despite their geographical proximity, the two countries are poles apart. To make a European parallel, it would be a bit like comparing Romania and Bosnia: only a few hundred kilometers separate them, and so far: the cultural slap is very effective! So, to discover more about Thailand or Indonesia, before your internship in Asia, visit our internship blog abroad!

Internship in

East Asia

An internship in East Asia: we offer you the opportunity to go to Korea - South, of course! - or in Taiwan! The two countries have considerable advantages, and like Thailand and Indonesia, despite the proximity: the two countries are very different culturally. While Korea is recognized as one of the great places of engineering, fashion or music, Taiwan will be more successful in manufacturing, shipping or art. Yes, Taiwan is the world capital of Contemporary Art! So for your internship in East Asia, file on our blog internships abroad and contact us: you are a few clicks to fly for your internship in Asia!.

Blog sur stage en Asie

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