I am in South Korea, where can I travel during my internship abroad? And that’s a very good question if you’re doing your internship in South Korea, you’ll have no choice: you’ll have to travel and discover the beautiful places! Ready to go? Let’s go! 

Gyeongju for the culture of course! 

When you come to South Korea, it is important to know the broad outlines of its history. The charming city of Gyeongju, not far from the coast in the south-east, is perfect for soaking up Korean culture. Many relics of its glorious period can be found here. You can discover them during a walk in a green park, with nearly 200 burial mounds, some of which house small museums. A little further on, you can see one of the oldest astronomical observatories in the world and finally the Donggung Palace, on the edge of the Anapji pond.

Tip: Go at the end of the day to enjoy the illuminations at dusk.


It’s impossible to visit South Korea without getting to know one of Asia’s iconic cultures! Go and discover the tea fields in Boseong. Many plantations are open to visitors with a walk through fields and hills. For tea lovers, there is also the opportunity to visit a tea museum and to taste local specialities, based on green tea, of course.

Anecdote: This region is often used as a setting for Korean films 🙂

The capital Seoul 

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is a large city, but it is divided into 25 districts the size of a small town. They each have their own downtown area, with specific characteristics: the Hongdae student district, Itaewon, the multi-cultural district which is mostly alive at night…

The Bukchon and Insadong districts which are, for us, emblematic districts in Seoul that represent Korean history and culture well. Small districts perfect for a short stop, but in full immersion. If you want to taste the best culinary specialties I strongly recommend this place! 

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