I am in Morocco, where can I travel during my internship abroad? And this is a very good question if you are doing your internship in Morocco, you will have no choice: you will have to travel and discover the beautiful places scattered in the country, but also in the surrounding countries.

Tangier, without a doubt

Tangier, the white city, perched in the heights, is absolutely unmissable, not only for its architecture but also for its port which is the first in Africa, no less! Not forgetting the most Instagrammed part of the city: the fortified Kasbah at the top of the hill. It’s absolutely sumptuous, a mixture of green and blue runs through the streets: a must do! Nice to do too: hiking on the wild coast, the green part of Morocco.

Chefchaouen, to take in the sights 

… and the belly! Its cuisine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! I swear. Plus, the city is sumptuous: blue-tinted lime walls, narrow streets, it’s very atypical and absolutely beautiful. There is also a lot of local handicraft: carpets, embroidery, jewellery … it’s very beautiful, and of course, not very expensive. Be careful not to be fooled though: tourists, you are spotted from afar. 

Essaouira, for water sports enthusiasts

Essaouira is the place to go for water sports in Morocco: waterskiing, water scooters, windsurfing or kitesurfing. Essaouira is also home to an incredibly beautiful fortified fort and picturesque streets with many traditional art shops. A must do!

We loved Morocco and have been there so many times that we can only recommend it! If you call us, we’ll tell you all about Rabat, Casablanca or Tangier, for your internship abroad! So for your internship in Morocco: contact us!