The culinary specialties of Italy: what to eat during your internship in Italy? What specialties should you taste? Pasta, succulent pizzas, … it’s often what we know the most. Italian cuisine, considered one of the most refined in the world, deserves a top of its specialties. Attention, what I will present to you is purely indicative (impossible to summarize everything here so their cuisine is varied ..) You will end up doing your internship in Italian young gourmand! 😉

Risotto !

Italian dish based on short rice and vegetables stewed with love and tenderness. For more delicacies, you can ask for Parmesan, typical Italian cheese. In the most typical restaurants, they even finish cooking the risotto in a parmesan cheese, in front of you! I salivated pissed off.


A good piece of bread, some ingredients to choose from, and a succulent Bruschetta. At the base of the base is a slice of olive oil, where rubs rub rubs garlic and add tomatoes and basil. It’s excellent, and it’s also declined a little in all sauces.


The first pizza was created late 18th century in Italy. The pizzeria Pietro e basta cosi, at the origin of this unforgettable creation, still exists! The real Italian pizza is just mozarella, tomatoes and basil. Really that !!!


And I say yes! The coppa, the salami, the mortadella, the pancetta, the parma ham … Generally accompanied by mozzarella, in mozarella bars (they are in the future ehe),


It’s as if you had baby wands about the size of a pen. You add some sesame seeds and it’s good! You can find some in the supermarket at the aperitif!


Dessert unavoidable coffee, it’s rather simple to try to have the experience! We also eat a lot in France and we find everywhere: restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets ..


They should create that in France! In fact we already have it, but halfway: the happy hour. In Italy, the aperetivo allows to drink, but also to eat! The principle is simple: at the cocktail hour, you order an alcoholic beverage or not, and you have small treats offered with (usually served at will). Pretty cool no?


Drink consumed only at breakfast, for early risers! A little more greedy than the Espresso, it is tasted in the bars before going to work, just to exchange a few words with the acolyte of the pallier below, and brighten his day! Are not you a fan of their way of life?

I stop there despite the innumerable remaining specialties, I would not like to give you too much reading! Southern Europe is so attractive! As much for its culture as for its culinary specialties.

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