Tips for going on an internship abroad in Cyprus! As the southernmost country of the EU, Cyprus offers many advantages but also, like all other countries, a few surprises: a small inventory of our tips to spend the best internship in Cyprus! 3 things regularly surprise you when you are there: the local wildlife, the warmth and the people!

1 – Advice for your internship in Cyprus: don’t panic!

If Cyprus offers a radiant sunshine almost all year round, there’s one thing that has a knock-on effect: cockroaches. They are legion, and a little local surprise: they fly. But then they do fly, you see. Just go to the restaurant on the terrace, leave a trash can lying around, or leave the windows open and BAM: cockroaches! They are the size of a good man’s thumb, and are not sexier than those we can meet in France. I (Sébastien) personally have a phobia of cockroaches, and it didn’t prevent me from having a great stay; I just had to rely on my travel partner 😀

2 – Advice for your internship in Cyprus: hydrate yourself!

Summers are very very hot, but then, really hot. It is imperative to be well prepared: avoid going out between 12H and 16H, and above all, if you go out, wear A HELMET! It’s really really hot, it’s overwhelming. It’s important to protect yourself, we don’t have absolutely the same heat in our western countries.

3 – Advice for your internship in Cyprus: don’t be shy!

The people are very nice and very friendly! Already, they are very tolerant: they all live together, Muslims and Christians, Greeks and Turks, etc. Apart from the politicians who regularly tear Cyprus apart, the population is a little bit fighting for it: they prefer to live. By going to the small villages, you will quickly meet people, we will offer you to visit vineyards, and many other things: don’t miss your chance!

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