Hellooo, today I present you my five favorite destinations where I wouldn’t have said no to an internship abroad!

Internship in Taiwan
Having set foot there a few years ago, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed with your trip. There you will discover another culture, you will be able to improve your English and/or Mandarin. Art, tofu and 7eleven are the key words of this destination. A little extra if you want to please me: Do at least one night market during your internship if you go to Taichung! In Taipei, you will discover new artists performing in the streets, new activities that you had no idea about before you left. Taiwanese people are very sociable and pleasant. You will be able to blossom as much in marketing as in hotel business, this destination which for a long time was under the governance of China is now in full development, for your greatest happiness!

Internship in Finland
I hope you like the cold, light therapy doesn’t scare you and design is your kiff. If you want to find yourself totally out of place in Europe, I recommend this one. Ok, a tight budget isn’t the best, but know that you have a good chance to be eligible for the various grants that will be offered. The population of Finland is one of the youngest in Europe, so in terms of sociability you can find uglier. If you are a nature lover: Northern Lights, seals and its endless forests will make you a happy young intern. And of course I haven’t yet mentioned winter sports and dog-sled expeditions. Seriously, who hasn’t dreamed of doing that someday? Besides, this country is the safest in the world and, because that’s not enough, the happiest in the world! So you are more than welcome here!

Internship in China
If your passion is business, then come here. There, you will be rebuilt in terms of experience, and yes, for example, Shanghai and Hong Kong are international financial centers but also popular places for shopping. As far as culture and personal enrichment are concerned, we are not going to talk to you about the Great Wall of China: it is a must, but you should know that other little wonders are hidden in this majestic country. China has a history of more than 3 millennia, so clearly there is plenty to do! Whether you are in Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong, you will be able to socialize quickly and meet people from all over the world!

Internship in Croatia
Back in Europe, if you’re in the tourism or hotel business, come straight here. It’s a country that has been developing rapidly in terms of tourism over the last few years and is trying to develop a clientele with high purchasing power. In Croatia you have as much cultural richness as natural wealth, so it’s up to you to enjoy the national parks, lakes, waterfalls and visits during your time off. Moreover the weather is nice, everybody is cool, the standard of living is quite acceptable: For a student, isn’t that hot?

Internship in Italy
Sweet Italy, here clearly no matter what your background is, you’ll always find a boot on your feet (pun intended). Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea, pizzas and pasta, culture and fashion. I don’t understand why you’re still not there. Italy, the very symbol of European culture, wherever you go, will take you for a walk through its history. Apart from the culture? You have the beautiful beaches, the mountains, shopping, restaurants, etc… You’ll have plenty to occupy your days off! And we’re not going to lie to each other, Italians are very open and sociable, at HI we don’t worry about you.

So, if one of my 5 destinations makes you dream, contact us and we will be happy to inform you about your future internship abroad.

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