Une destination A destination that is now trendy thanks to its incredible past and its breathtaking forest landscapes. Ready to discover them at 2h30 by plane from Paris?

Riga :

Between strolling in the pretty corners of the city, taking a boat ride on the canals of the city, observing from the tower of St. Peter’s Church a panoramic view, enjoying the nightlife of Riga, exploring the various markets, sunbathing in a seaside resort of JURMALA. You’ll have plenty to do during your internship!

Jurmala :

Enduring magic in the heart of wonderful nature, location, charming atmosphere of the neighborhood, all with a layer of coolness and sweetness, these are the feelings you get for Jūrmala. Known to all for its resort, it is brilliantly the number one destination that travelers want to visit. With cafes, restaurants and a multitude of attractions. Take your first flight, because you’ll be happy there!

Kemeri :

If you’re going to Latvia, don’t hesitate to visit the Kemeri National Park. The park is known for its great biodiversity: there is a wild nature, consisting of bogs, swamps, forests and lakes. In addition to the many species of birds, the park’s inhabitants include reindeer, elk, barbarians and even wolves.

Sigulda :

You will be seduced by the beauty of its landscape which makes it nicknamed “the Swiss of Vidzeme”. You will discover many architectural monuments. A small advice, take the cable car in Sigulda, you will offer you a remarkable sight on the castle Krimulda. Come and enjoy yourself !

La Gauja :

This is the place to come if you are a nature lover, the Gauja National Park is one of the most famous nature reserves in the country. Near Sigulda, you will find a recreational area, a place of relaxation not to be missed. In the middle of the mountain bike tracks, there is a ski resort in the winter and toboggans open all year round. You will realize that it will be impossible to do without this city.

Cesis :

Dynamic place whose cultural and historical charm is clearly built. It is famous for its many festivals, its artists are internationally renowned. Spend some of your time there, enjoy its natural carnival sounds, you will feel the need not to undo it! Its breathtaking landscape, historic city, parks, forests make it a city of undeniable magnificence.

Kuldiga :

There is certainly no shortage of activities to do. Through the Kuldiga festival that takes place every day in July, music, theater and drama take visitors and locals to places of extreme happiness. You can also experience the incredible “traditional nudity”, the famous nude race that takes place daily on the Ponte Venta.

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