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Internship in South Africa : International Horizons helps you to find an internship in Africa.


Internship in South Africa

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English / Afrikaans

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Your experience in South Africa

Your internship in South Africa : here we are ! South Africa is one of the country that students enjoy a lot ! International Horizons finds your internship in South Africa.

South Africa is the country with the biggest economy in Africa : all is possible in South Africa. The country is particulary active in tourism, international relation or even Art. But import / export of products is also one of the biggest activity as it get a lots of commerce with Europe, U.S.A and even Central America.

For your internship in South Africa, all the communication will be in english ! Moreover, it’s the opportunity to discover a culture that isn’t limited to the World Cup, or Nelson Mandela : the country gets much to offer !

Having an internship in South Africa doesn’t involved specific requirement ; just be aware that the visa, following the internship condition, can be long : we won’t accept last minute request for this country. Plus, South Africa offers little financial compensation  – it’s even often unpaid – for internships abroad ; the law is not really explicit, so a few companies take ‘ the risk ‘ to offer a salary for foreign interns. But, as everywhere in the world, the internship becomes popular. The team would give you an answer quicly on the feasability of the project.

For your internship in South Africa, it’s easy : you just need to sign in on our website, and the team contact you back in the next 48H ! International Horizons build with you the best of the project for your internship abroad.


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