A BTS CI internship in South Africa! An English-speaking country on the African continent, you will be able to combine the practice of English and the acquisition of professional skills! Here is a brief overview:

BTS CI internship in Durban

South Africa is a country that is very open to international trade (more than 50% of the country’s GDP), which makes it an ideal environment for your internship abroad. Durban is a nice coastal city, its seaside promenade is a treat after a good day of prospecting or IMEX 🙂 I hope you like street food! You can find it literally everywhere.

A BTS CI internship in Port Elisabeth

Or Gqeberha- because the city has indeed changed its name very recently. Are you a history buff? Port Elisabeth is the city to choose for your BTS CI internship! On weekends, you will enjoy visiting the city center to learn more about the country or swimming in one of the beautiful beaches formed by the Indian Ocean.

A BTS CI internship in Pretoria

Do you like chill, and BBQ with a light east wind? (The real ones will have recognized Set & Match on this one) Pretoria is the city for you. Life is calmer there, far from the tumult of Johannesburg. Perfect to keep some energy for your internship in the capital! A visit to the big botanical garden is a must!

A BTS CI internship in Johannesburg

The city is effervescent! It is also the largest city in South Africa. It is the city of always more. It is the financial capital of the country.

A BTS CI internship in Cape Town

Cape Town is built around and at the foot of the Table Mountain. As you can imagine, going there by cable car offers you a breathtaking panorama. It is the southernmost city of the country. You won’t find more unless you are a little son of Mike Horn and you plan to connect Antarctica, but you don’t need a BTS CI course for that.

Well I think you now know a little more about your destinations in South Africa for your BTS CI internship abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact us here if you want to do the experience 🙂