South Africa as an internship destination? International Horizons gives you the opportunity to go there, but first, read this blog about the Republic of South Africa.


A country with 3 capitals
You might think that the capital of South Africa would be Johannesburg, but in fact the country has three different capitals. The administrative capital where the President of the Republic lives in Pretoria, the legislative capital in Cape town where the seat of Parliament is located and finally the judicial capital of South Africa in Bloemfontein.

Power outages
Quite regularly scheduled power cuts occur called Load shedding, but don’t worry applications prevent power cuts and you will quickly get used to them.

South Africans readily drink a type of fruit brandy called mampoer before a meal, to whet the appetite, not as a digestive. Mampoer is an alcoholic beverage similar to beer in design, made from the fruit of the Marula tree.

The Braai
One of the popular words in South Africa is “Braai”, it could be translated as “barbeque”, it is above all a pretext to meet with friends around a grilled meat, you will enjoy the South African barbecues!

African cuisine
Besides barbecues, South African cuisine is known for its huge portions. You won’t starve and you will have the privilege to taste a cosmopolitan cuisine with many European, African or Indonesian influences.

Traditional witchcraft
In all cities there are shops for traditional witchcraft.

A country of sportsmen
If you are a sportsman or sportswoman, South Africa could be the place for you. There, rugby, football and cricket are almost a religion.

On the outskirts of towns, it is common to see hitchhikers with 10 or 20 Rand notes, hitchhiking is extremely common there.

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