You like to be surrounded by nature but also by the sea to do your international internship! You will be served in South Africa. From Cape Town to Mbombela, here is a small overview!

Cape town : 

Cape Town is a unique city with awesome nature, fascinating stories, exceptional food and wine and some of the most captivating wildlife in the world. You’ll have a great time!

Durban : 

You like to enjoy the quiet, sunbathing and going out. Durban is for you! Famous for its surf spots but also for its climatic, cultural and culinary diversity. It is a very lively city ideal for those who combine vacations at the sea and going out

Pretoria :

Art fan, this city is your destiny! With countless embassies, monuments and museums, South Africa’s capital city also captivates visitors with its busy art life or thanks to the jacaranda trees along the streets.

Kimberley : 

For a weekend with a cultural theme this is the place to come. Kimberley is a famous diamond mine and has a mining museum with observation towers. You’ll be able to see from the open-air museum, the restaurants, churches and banks that were still as they were during the diamond craze.

Johannesburg :

Do you like Manhattan-style skyscrapers? Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city. There’s plenty to keep you busy in Newtown’s cultural district, with its museums, theaters, art galleries and restaurants. You can enjoy your evenings after your internship in one of its legendary jazz and local music clubs.

Port Elizabeth : 

For a trendy internship abroad, this is the place to be. You can be close to everything: beach, museums, park… You can even meet the big 7: lions, buffalos, leopards, elephants, great white sharks and whales!

Bloemfontein : 

Do you like everything to do with nature? The judicial capital of South Africa, in the center of the country. It has a botanical garden and a tropical oasis. Enjoy the fun of hiking, with driving games, with shows, cabs and more in Maria Moroka.

Pietermaritzburg :

You just want to wander around, looking at the Victorian architecture with charming pedestrian alleys and monuments. Pietermaritzburg is an incredibly quiet, lovely town where a variety of azaleas bloom in spring.

Polokwane :

Is diversity your motto? Polokwane is a city that is a dynamic mix of people and culture. It has excellent restaurants, art galleries, museums and jazz clubs. Also known as Gateway Town, it takes you on ecological adventures to many natural attractions and mountainous wilderness areas.


You want to do an internship near nature, this is the place to come. Mbombela is the gateway to the national park and it’s beautiful nature reserves. This lively town is home to a beautiful botanical garden, a crocodile sanctuary, elephants and the largest number of caves in the world.

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