Hello friends, readers of all Horizons!

We’re back: and it’s not to play a trick on you: Coronarizons is dead, long live International Horizons! This blog starts with the sound of Dropkick Murphys “Rose Tatoo”! Already: we’re still alive! So, we didn’t give any news, because for a while, we had a few hot flashes: worse than menopause; believe my experience as a male in his thirties. * it doesn’t make any sense*

Because COVID-19, as sympathetic as it is to ecology, has given us a good run for our money: 100% loss of business, loss of turnover as a result, in high season, which goes hand in hand. In short, it wasn’t a joy: but thanks to our brave partners and our resourcefulness, we are still here. And, a little information from the faggots: we’re not about to leave!

Because if the Team fought, it is to bring new things, madness, and always more love. And, incidentally, to keep a salary, because it’s still more fun to buy guns on the terrace and cook tiramisu at all costs! What about new projects? Come on, I’ll take you on the “tarmak the airport” *think moved to Diam’s*

— Training Centre

WHAT? YES baby! International Horizons will continue to make you dream, and is turning into a training center! Why is that? Because selling training and paying V.A.T. was a bit of a pain in the ass. But above all, the objective: to create multinational training in the next three years. HEIN? EH YES baby x 2 ! International Horizons varies its activities, and goes to the next level.

— European projects

It’s true that since 2017, we hadn’t put too much pressure on the ERASMUS+ projects. We were – and will continue to be – an intermediary organisation to find you internships abroad, but not only! International Horizons, in addition to its ATANASOV and UNDERTAKE TO LEARN projects is back with 3 new projects that we will bring to Paris in October 2020 : Fight Amalgams, Youth Equity at Work, Gay Emergency. These projects are all based on various observations that we are living with you at International Horizons. Over the years, we have noticed that some people associated with minorities (Muslims, LGBTI+ community, people of Arab origin, underprivileged young people) have more and more difficulties to go abroad. Rather than remaining idle, we have decided to act, through projects that aim to educate and have a lasting impact on the lives of Europeans and neighbouring countries. We have contacted a panel of partners during the containment, to increase our strike force, and I can tell you a little ahead of time: we intend to fuck it all up. From Nantes to Tashkent, via Belluno, Amman, Prague, Varna, Bratislava, Lund, Firenze, Paphos, Vilnius, Riga, Maribor, Madeira, Valencia, Tunis, Kobuleti, Batumi, Dubrovnik, Tirana, Ohrid, Mikkeli, Tallinn, and many others. The years to come promise to be rich, rich in projects, and above all rich in sharing. These four projects have four distinct objectives:

– Educating young people under 10 years of age to make the difference between Arab and Muslim, Roma and Romanian or to differentiate between Balkan cultures, all through audio books for young people.

– To facilitate the unification of national legislation and legal levers in the countries of the European Union, which exist for disadvantaged young people to enable their integration into employment.

– To create a LGBTI + trans-European network dedicated on a voluntary basis to manage emergency situations during mobility abroad and to enable people who identify themselves as this community to travel serenely throughout Europe.

You can do that?! Well yeah buddy, and so can you! ERASMUS + budgets are not only dedicated to mobility but also to projects of strategic interest for the European Union and its population. If you too see a problem and would like to take action: call us! We will help you to set up your project free of charge, and apply for funding so that you too can have an impact on the World that is taking shape tomorrow!

And that’s what you do during the lockdown ?

NOT JUST MY BUDDY! We also transformed the website, we revised our communication (I admit we didn’t change much … :p), we did a F.A.Q. and we especially cooked and gained a good 5 kilos each. I also corrected some memoirs (hello Alexis ! :D).

And then, like you couldn’t write a blog ?!

YES, I COULD. But, we were busy big: the family to go and see, taking beers 3 meters away with friends from Lorient, Paris etc.. Going to give kisses from far away to Mamie (90 years old, we’ll avoid hugs as long as COVID is there!). The bars also reopened: in short, we needed a big break for better come back ! And, BEST NEW ever : Tom is joining the Team from August the 20.

See you soon, young readers! 😀