and Hello to you, you are looking for information about an internship in Denmark, in this article, I will explain the cultural differences between France and Denmark

Your 1st day in Denmark

On your first day, don’t be surprised if they give you a bunch of flowers or a small gift. The Danes are quite welcoming, especially for people from a northern European country ahaha.

Danish women’s schedules: pretty chill don’t worry

In Denmark the working hours are quite different compared to France. Indeed, Danes are often used to having short days. It is not possible to make an appointment with a hairdresser or even a doctor after 4-5pm. Public administrations are rarely open in the afternoon. Supermarkets and clothes shops close a little later, so don’t worry, you can go shopping after your working day.   

Washing your clothes in Denmark

The system of washing machines is a bit peculiar in Denmark, especially in the city centres. Buildings often have a basement with washing machines. They are available to all tenants, and often for less than one euro, which is the equivalent of 7.5 Danish kroner, you can have your laundry cleaned.

The culture of the Danish flag 

When you go for a walk in the city centre, don’t be surprised to see the Danish flag all around you. Danes have a special admiration for their homeland, don’t see it as political. Buses too, at different times of the year can be seen wearing the red and white Danish flag.  

Electrical outlets in Denmark

Another slight difference compared to France is that next to the electrical outlets you will find a switch. You will have to turn it on in order to charge your phone or your computer. 

We are good, you are now ready for your experience in Denmark! If you have any questions about your mobility project, TEAM HI is here to answer them! It’s over here 😉