Is a start-up internship in Slovenia what you’re looking for? Well, it’s a good thing, because since the end of the crisis in 2012-2013, Slovenia has become a very attractive country for start-ups. And a whole bunch of them are succeeding! Like “Initiative Start-up Slovenia”, which brings together the Slovenian start-up ecosystem in the form of meetings and competitions, this small country of 2 million inhabitants is starting its own little revolution in the world of start-ups!

Your work placement in Slovenia

Doing an internship in Slovenia rather than in France presents a number of differences in terms of management and employment law. Here are a few points to bear in mind:

  1. Work culture: The work culture in Slovenia may differ from that in France. In general, the Slovenian work culture emphasises punctuality, respect for hierarchies and a more formal approach to professional relations. It is important to adapt to this culture and to respect the standards of behaviour in force in the company.
  2. Hierarchy and authority: Hierarchy may be more prevalent in Slovenian companies, with decisions often taken by executives or managers. There may be a greater expectation on employees to follow instructions and comply with established guidelines. It is important to understand the hierarchical structure of the company and to comply with reporting and decision-making expectations.
  3. Flexibility and adaptation: Start-ups in Slovenia may have smaller teams and a more agile organisational structure. This can mean that employees are often required to take on different responsibilities and adapt quickly to changes. It’s important to be flexible and demonstrate your ability to adapt to new situations and work independently.
  4. Labour law: Slovenian labour law may differ from French labour law in terms of regulations and employee rights. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with Slovenian labour laws and regulations, particularly with regard to working hours, holidays, working conditions and the rights of trainees. If you have any questions or concerns, it is best to consult the appropriate legal resources or seek advice from your employer or employment law professionals.

It is also important to note that every company and every working environment is unique, whether in Slovenia or France. The differences mentioned above are generalities and may vary depending on the company, the sector and the specific organisational culture.

Ultimately, doing an internship in Slovenia can be an enriching experience both professionally and culturally. You will have the opportunity to work in an international environment, develop intercultural skills and expand your professional network. It’s a unique opportunity to gain international experience and enhance your CV, which can be a valuable advantage in an increasingly globalised job market.

The main argument for doing a work placement abroad is the opportunity to develop your resilience and adaptability. By working in a foreign environment, you will be confronted with new situations, unexpected challenges and cultural or linguistic obstacles. This experience will help you build your resilience in overcoming these difficulties and improve your ability to adapt to diverse working environments. This valuable skill will benefit you throughout your career, as you’ll be able to adapt more easily to change and face challenges with confidence.

Start-ups in Slovenia

Doing an internship in a start-up in Slovenia can be an excellent experience both for an internship abroad and for a student. Here are a few reasons why it might be worthwhile:

  1. Entrepreneurial environment: Slovenia is home to a number of dynamic and innovative start-ups in various sectors. Working in a start-up will allow you to immerse yourself in a stimulating entrepreneurial environment where you can gain practical experience and take part in concrete projects.
  2. Multi-skilled learning: Because of the relatively small size of start-ups, you will often have the opportunity to take on different responsibilities and work on different aspects of the business. This will enable you to broaden your skills and develop a global view of how a start-up works.
  3. Close collaboration: Working in a start-up in Slovenia will generally allow you to interact directly with the founding team and key members of the company. This fosters a spirit of close collaboration, giving you the opportunity to learn directly from the entrepreneurs and actively contribute to the company’s growth.
  4. Professional network: A start-up internship in Slovenia will give you the opportunity to meet professionals in the sector and expand your professional network. You’ll be able to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors and players in the start-up ecosystem, which can be beneficial for your future career.
  1. Practical learning: One of the benefits of a start-up placement is the opportunity to gain practical experience in an entrepreneurial environment. Take the opportunity to learn new skills, get involved in real-life projects and see how a start-up works from the inside.
  2. Versatility of tasks: Due to the often small and agile structure of start-ups, you’ll probably have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks and functional areas. Whether in product development, marketing, operations or customer management, try to get actively involved in different activities to broaden your skills.
  3. Collaboration and communication: Start-ups generally emphasise close collaboration and communication between team members. Take advantage of this work culture to interact with your colleagues, share your ideas, attend meetings and actively contribute to discussions. This will help you build strong professional bonds and learn from others.
  4. Initiative: Start-ups appreciate employees who take the initiative. Don’t hesitate to propose ideas, improvements or innovative solutions to the problems facing the company. Be proactive and look for opportunities to move forward and make a positive impact.
  5. Networking and events: The start-up scene in Slovenia is dynamic, and there are many events, meetings and conferences dedicated to entrepreneurship. Take advantage of these opportunities to expand your professional network and meet entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. This will enable you to make valuable connections for your future career.
  6. Observing and learning: As a start-up intern, it’s important to carefully observe the founders and experienced members of the team. Observe their working practices, their approach to problem solving and how they deal with challenges. Be open to learning and use this opportunity to develop your professional skills.
  7. Feedback and development: Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback on your work and performance. Use this feedback to improve and grow professionally. Start-ups appreciate employees who are receptive to feedback and who are constantly looking to improve.

In short, on a start-up placement in Slovenia you can expect to gain practical experience, work on a variety of tasks, collaborate closely with the team and develop versatile skills. Be proactive and take the initiative!

If you want to do your start-up placement in Slovenia, we can help! Whether you need advice or anything else, contact us, we’re here for you! 🙂 And if you need to read a bit more about Slovenia before you decide to do your work placement abroad, you can check out our little blogs: our feedback from Slovenia (personally, it’s my favourite country in Europe!), but also the one about local customs in Slovenia and life in Ljubljana! Enjoy. And if you want to travel even further afield, we’ve got just the thing for you! For your work placement abroad, just contact the team!

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