Your work placement in the Czech Republic: discover a Francophile (yes!), open and dynamic world. More and more lines are leaving France for Prague, so don’t miss out. The Czech Republic has very strong links with France, whether through its past with King Charles, who was brought up in France, or through numerous economic and cultural exchanges. What’s more, the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union and then the Schengen area have made it a top tourist destination; its capital, Prague, is often referred to as “The City of 1000 Spires” or “Little Paris”. Doing an internship in the Czech Republic also means discovering the country’s many castles, its incredible and rich heritage, but above all: its excellent beers. After all, the Czech Republic owes its reputation among young Europeans not just to its history, but also to its vibrant nightlife, its beers and its sex toy museum: a must-see place to discover sexual practices through the ages! An internship in the Czech Republic is the perfect place to improve your skills in an English-speaking environment, less than 2 hours from Paris, while enjoying a dynamic lifestyle and visits that will blow your mind.

Budget for your work placement in the Czech Republic

Not excessive. But be warned, temporary accommodation increases remarkably in the run-up to Christmas, and especially during the Easter holidays: the country’s religious festivals are still very important and are an opportunity to throw absolutely monstrous parties all over the country! Prague is invaded by Czechs from all over the country and by tourists: without knowing this, in 2012 I hitchhiked from Vienna to Prague … I spent a night in the Macdo H24 because there were no more affordable places anywhere in the city! On the whole, however, the country is much cheaper than France, and a budget of €800 is enough to get the most out of your internship. With this internship budget, you can even take advantage of it to visit the country or go as far as Austria, Germany or Hungary! The Czech Republic’s central position in Europe makes it an ideal location for cheap travel! You can find out all about it on our blog entitled “I’m in the Czech Republic, where to travel during my work placement abroad”.

Rents are of course more expensive in Prague than in the rest of the country, but if you plan ahead, it’s still affordable overall! As in all European capitals, and this also makes sense in Prague, you can find shared flat-shares between ERASMUS students. It’s not at all difficult to find, as there are adverts on the internet, particularly in Facebook groups. As with all other destinations, remember not to pay for anything online, except on websites specialising in accommodation: scams are everywhere and the Czech Republic is no exception! It’s better to come in advance, stay in a hostel for a few days and visit the flat or flat-share you’ve chosen.

The beer is very affordable, between €2 and €3 a pint in most of the nice bars; the price is a little more expensive in the main squares, but you still won’t reach the €17 – true – that I paid for a pint of affli on the Champs Elysées last summer. You’ll tell me: I was stupid enough to set up a terrace there, it’s almost a lesson in life that price. Prague, whether it’s restaurants, bars or supermarkets, is very affordable. In the 10 years I’ve been going there, prices have gone up quite a bit, but it’s like everywhere else, you know inflation.

Cultural activities are very affordable, and some are even free. If you’re in Prague, the Art Museum, the Museum of the History of the Country and the Castle Museum are absolutely incredible and well-stocked. Plus, you absolutely must visit the Sex Toy Museum: for the joke, but also to put sexual practices through the ages into perspective, and to tell you that we are certainly more complex and judgmental today than we were 300 years ago. In terms of culture, there’s something for everyone in the Czech Republic. My advice, whether you’re in Brno, Prague or any other city, is to take the best external battery because you’re going to be taking photos all day long! There’s so much to see, it’s really beautiful. I’ve been to around forty countries, and Prague, after Florence, is the city I find the most beautiful in Europe for its architecture and atmosphere!

What you need to know

Your work placement in the Czech Republic is your chance to discover a great country. It’s got everything! The architecture, the gastronomy (I swear I’m a fan!), the culture, the green expanses. You’re going to love the country, no matter what you like, everything is possible in the Czech Republic, no matter what your interests are. And the Czechs are smiling, generous… Prague is now invaded by tourists as summer approaches, but apart from that, the country remains untouched by tourism, and that’s all to the good.

France and the Czech Republic have always enjoyed very good relations, and France was even the first country to recognise the Czech Republic at the end of Czechoslovakia. The Czechs are very Francophile, and that’s a good thing; there are quite a few things translated into French in the country, and the French embassy plays an important role in Prague’s cultural scene, with regular events organised, particularly around the arts. It’s in Prague, near the Mala Strana district, an absolutely sumptuous area that you absolutely must visit during your stay in the Czech Republic: it’s very winding, with little bars on every corner, including cigar and wine cellars… a delight.

As well as its architecture, the country also offers plenty of river activities, as it is crossed by several navigable rivers, notably the Vlatva, which flows through Prague. It’s a great opportunity to discover tourism in a different way. The country also has a number of national parks, for nature lovers and hikers!

In short, apart from the page, you can find everything in the Czech Republic! Be careful in winter, it’s relatively cold: it’s better to have a good coat and gloves to avoid freezing like crazy and getting sick.

Your work placement in the Czech Republic

For once, the work placements we offer abroad are tailor-made to suit your wishes and profile. The country has no maritime borders, so it will be complicated to work in the boating industry; we specify because we’ve already had the request. On the other hand, apart from this slight downside for sea lovers, everything is there. But really everything. And in particular jobs in engineering, import-export, viticulture, tourism and ecology.

You don’t need a CV in Czech, but you do need to send it to us in English. We will then help you to describe your skills in more detail. Even if you haven’t worked, you’re bound to have useful skills that can add value to your application for a work placement abroad in the Czech Republic. As with all applications, it’s important to be clear about your project and your objectives, so as not to be disappointed, but also to get an international placement that suits you perfectly. On the whole, you often have to reconcile three important factors before embarking on this project: the school’s expectations, since it has educational expectations for your period abroad, your wishes, but also and above all your language level. Whatever your academic level, whatever your school: your assignments will be adapted to your language level. If you don’t speak English, you may do Sup’Aero or H.E.C., but you won’t be able to take on very important assignments. The aim of an internship is for everyone to benefit, you and the company; and it’s better to have an internship that’s adapted to your language level, where you’ll have a great time, rather than one that’s too demanding, where you’ll feel overwhelmed because of your language level.

If you want to do your work placement in the Czech Republic, then GO, contact us: there’s absolutely no obligation, and it’s a great opportunity to work out your project with one of our contacts! In just two or three weeks, you’ll be on your way to your internship abroad!

For more general questions, visit the International Horizons Internships Abroad FAQ.