Prague, Brno … Welcome to the internship abroad blog! Your internship in the Czech Republic: discover a francophile world (yes!), open and dynamic. More and more lines are leaving France for Prague, so don’t miss it. Here’s a little overview to help you decide where you want to go for your internship.

The budget for your internship in the Czech Republic
Not excessive. But beware, temporary accommodation increases remarkably as Christmas approaches, and especially during the Easter holidays. However, on the whole the country is much cheaper than in France, and a budget of 800€ is enough to live your internship to the fullest. With this internship budget, you can even take advantage of it to visit the country or push to Austria, Germany or Hungary! The central position of the Czech Republic in Europe makes it an ideal place to travel cheaply!

Things you should know
Your internship in the Czech Republic is an opportunity to discover a great country. Everything is there! The architecture, the gastronomy, the culture, the green areas. You will enjoy the country, no matter what you like, everything is possible in the Czech Republic, no matter what your interests are. And Czechs are smiling, generous… Prague is now invaded by tourists as summer approaches, but apart from that, the country remains untouched by tourism and that’s good.

Your internship in the Czech Republic
Once is not customary, the internships abroad that we offer you are found tailor-made, adapted to your desires and your profile. The country has no maritime borders, so it will be complicated to work in the nautical industry; we specify because we have already had the demand. On the other hand, put by this light flat for the sea lovers, everything is there. But then really everything. And in particular the professions relating to engineering, import-export, viticulture, tourism and ecology.

You don’t need a CV in Czech, but you must send it to us in English. We will then help you to detail it to highlight your skills. Even without having worked, you necessarily have useful skills that can enhance your application for your internship abroad.

If you want to do your internship in the Czech Republic, then GO, contact us! And in two to three weeks, fly away!

If you want to read more about Czech Republic, it’s there 😉