Do you want to go to Estonia for your work placement abroad? Oh great! International Horizons would like to introduce you to some of the local customs in Estonia


In Estonia, the food is quite good, simple dishes consisting of potatoes, sausages, pasta with some typical dishes to try and as a bonus an extremely reasonable price.

The culture
The European country with a painful past is full of history and culture. Culturally, Estonia is closer to its Nordic neighbours (especially Finland) than to Russia.

A connected capital
The capital Tallinn is for some one of the most internet-connected cities in Europe, forget about 4G problems in Tallinn, as the city is integrated with a wifi network and in most of the country the wifi connection is excellent.

Green spaces
The country has countless green spaces. Estonia also has a lot to offer outside of its capital city and is a very green and open country with five national parks.

The streets are very clean and you will feel comfortable wherever you go. Moreover, it is a country with an extremely healthy air quality.

It is one of the most religious countries in the world, where, according to a 2010 survey, only 18% of citizens believe in God.

Electrical sockets
Electrical sockets are the same in Estonia as in France, so you won’t need an adapter.

Public transport
Transport in the capital, Tallinn, is free for all residents.

In Estonia, as in many Nordic countries, you can often go to the sauna. If you are comfortable, you can go without a swimming costume, as most Estonians are naked in the saunas.

A calm way of life
Here it is calm, soothing, there is no rush, there is no tension. You will quickly feel at ease, as the locals are notable for their ease in showing their emotions. Once you are accepted, you will gain a loyal friend with whom you can ride your bike until sunset in the forest… Explore the vibrant nightlife, or just drop in for a bite to eat.

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