Lorient has no reason to envy Los Angeles : Welcome to Loriengeles ! Keep reading to discover why you should go to Lorient rather than Los Angeles.

The truth about Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is very famous for its beaches, its walk of fame, its celebrities, its heat… However, its beaches are full of people and the water is full of sharks. Moreover, the walk of fame and the celebrities make you feel like you’re not that important and not that rich. Finally, the heat is unbearable especially as the city is packed and covered with concrete.

What about Lorient ?

Lorient has beaches as well where the water is shark-free. Sure there is not a lot of celebrities in the city but at least you can walk in the street peacefully and feel like you’re someone as important as the people you cross on the street. Moreover, the heat is not unbearable in Lorient. Indeed, in the summer you have the perfect weather in the city : not too hot but hot enough to make the most of the summer.

Lorient has no reason to envy Los Angeles : Welcome to Loriengeles !

In Lorient, you can find the same activities as in Los Angeles, but for a lot cheaper. For example, in Lorient you can go sailing, you can surf, and do pretty much anything related to the ocean. Indeed, Lorient is a port town so there are lots of maritime activities to do : there is even a great museum called “The city of sail” where you can see exhibitions related to the maritime world. There is also a very famous festival in the summer called “The interceltic festival”. The festival takes place all around the city and you can see parades or concerts related to the celtic culture. If you don’t know about the celtic culture, you have to discover it ! The music is great, you can dance all day long during the festival, and the atmosphere is very friendly. Moreover, you can eat delicious food ! Between the commonplace hot dog in Los Angeles and the amazing galette-saucisse (a buckwheat pancake with a sausage) in Lorient, don’t hesitate one second !

Come to Lorient for your ERASMUS mobility !

Los Angeles is getting old. Say no to has-been and say yes to discovering new experiences in the new place to be ! Come to Lorient !

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