Malta, a picturesque Mediterranean island, is often referred to as a true start-up of Europe. With its business-friendly environment, progressive regulatory framework and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, Malta has become a popular destination for startups and innovators from all over the world. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why Malta is an ideal place to launch and grow a startup.

A favourable regulatory framework

Malta has distinguished itself as an innovative jurisdiction in business regulation, particularly in the area of emerging technologies such as blockchain and crypto-currencies. The Maltese government has taken a proactive approach in developing progressive laws and regulations to attract technology companies.

Malta has created a clear and predictable regulatory framework for businesses operating in emerging technologies. In 2018, the country passed three key laws: the Virtual Financial Assets Act, the Digital Innovation Authority Act and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act. These laws were developed to provide a sound legal framework and effective regulatory oversight for companies operating in the emerging technology sector.

These regulatory measures have attracted a large number of high-tech startups to Malta. The country has become a hub of activity for companies working in areas such as decentralised finance (DeFi), crypto-currency exchanges, asset tokenisation, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Startups can benefit from a favourable regulatory environment and the opportunity to collaborate with other innovative companies in the sector.

Malta’s progressive approach to business regulation has been praised internationally, and the country has become an example of good practice in promoting technological innovation. However, it is important to note that regulation in this area is evolving rapidly, and it is essential for startups to comply with legal requirements and consult with experts in the field to ensure that they meet all current regulatory obligations.

Malta has stood out as an innovative jurisdiction when it comes to business regulation, particularly in the area of emerging technologies. The progressive laws and regulations adopted by the Maltese government provide a clear and predictable regulatory environment for startups, which has led to the attraction of a large number of technology companies focused on blockchain, crypto-currencies, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Attractive tax incentives

Malta offers a competitive business tax regime, making it an attractive destination for start-ups. The country has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union. This low tax rate allows companies to retain a larger share of their profits, which encourages growth and development.

In addition, Malta offers attractive tax incentives specifically for entrepreneurs. For example, the country offers the Tax Residence Scheme, which allows startup founders to benefit from a reduced tax rate on their personal income. This programme aims to attract talented and innovative entrepreneurs to set up in Malta, which contributes to the dynamism of the start-up sector.

Thanks to this advantageous tax regime, start-ups established in Malta can benefit from favourable taxation for their activities. This can result in substantial tax savings and a greater ability to reinvest profits in the development of the business.

It is important to note that Malta has introduced these tax advantages as part of its policy to attract foreign investment and promote the country’s economic development. However, it should be stressed that each company and tax situation is unique, so it is essential to consult legal and tax professionals for personalised and accurate advice on the tax implications of establishing a start-up in Malta.

In summary, Malta offers a competitive tax regime with some of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union. The country also offers attractive tax incentives, such as the tax residence scheme, which attract entrepreneurs and encourage the development of start-ups. These tax advantages are a key factor in attracting start-ups to Malta.

A dynamic ecosystem

Malta has a dynamic and fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. The country is home to numerous incubators, coworking spaces and innovation centres that encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas between start-ups. These infrastructures offer a favourable environment for the development of start-ups by providing resources, mentors and funding opportunities. Entrepreneurship-focused events and conferences are also regularly organised, offering startup founders opportunities to network and share experiences. This dynamic ecosystem fosters the innovation and growth of startups in Malta.

Access to international markets

Malta is an island country located in the heart of the Mediterranean, giving it a strategic position. This advantageous geographical position gives start-ups based in Malta easy access to European, North African and Middle Eastern markets.

Thanks to its proximity to these regions, Maltese start-ups can take advantage of the connectivity and business opportunities offered by the Mediterranean. This enables them to explore and develop their activities on an international scale by taking advantage of the diversity of markets accessible from Malta.

Another advantage for start-ups in Malta is the country’s membership of the European Union (EU). As a member of the EU, Malta enjoys privileged access to the European single market. This facilitates trade with other EU Member States, eliminating customs barriers and simplifying import and export procedures.

EU membership also offers additional opportunities for Maltese start-ups in terms of funding, support programmes and cross-border collaborations. Companies can access European funds and EU initiatives to support innovation and the development of start-ups.

Exceptional quality of life

In addition to its business-friendly environment, Malta offers an exceptional quality of life. With its sunny climate, magnificent beaches and rich cultural history, the island offers a pleasant living environment for entrepreneurs and their employees. Residents also benefit from a high-quality healthcare system, low crime rates and an affordable cost of living compared with many other European capitals. Malta thus offers an attractive work-life balance, which contributes to the well-being of entrepreneurs.

In this start-up context, what area of internship should you explore?

Start-ups in Malta offer many opportunities for interns in different areas of expertise.

In the field of web development and technology, trainees can work on software development projects, websites or mobile applications. This enables them to gain practical experience and familiarise themselves with the latest technologies.

Interns specialising in digital marketing and social media are also in demand. They can contribute to online marketing campaigns, manage social networks, analyse data and participate in the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Project management and business development are areas where trainees can be involved in planning and executing projects, seeking partnerships, prospecting for customers and implementing growth strategies.

Graphic design and user experience (UX) are essential for start-ups concerned with the visual appearance and ergonomics of their products or services. Graphic design and UX/UI interns can help create user-friendly interfaces and attractive visuals, in collaboration with development teams.

Finally, data analysis and business intelligence are fast-growing fields. Interns specialising in these areas can help start-ups to exploit their data, identify trends, make forecasts and provide useful insights to support the company’s growth.

These different areas of expertise offer a multitude of opportunities for interns at startups in Malta. It is advisable to look for internship opportunities that match your specific interests and skills, as each startup may have its own particular needs.

Malta has quickly established itself as an attractive destination for startups and entrepreneurs due to its favourable regulatory framework, attractive tax incentives, dynamic ecosystem, access to international markets and exceptional quality of life. Whether you’re a startup founder looking for a place to launch your business or an investor looking for new opportunities, Malta offers an environment conducive to growth and innovation. So why not consider Malta as the next step for your European startup?

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