Do you have an internship to do as part of your studies? So come and be part of the adventure with International Horizons, there are opportunities to do an internship abroad to absolutely seize.

A unique experience

Thanks to us, you will come out of this experience grows. An internship abroad is a chance and you must seize it as soon as possible (attention to regret!). You will have to manage in complete autonomy, and acquire a capacity of adaptation which will surprise you.

The opportunity to improve your languages

Internship abroad is the only opportunity to improve your language skills. What’s better than going directly abroad to improve your English, your Spanish? In addition, you may be able to take the focus of the country where you will go, and we know very well that the Spanish accent is devastating.

Create an international network

Who knows ? Maybe this internship abroad that is looming will be for you the first stone that you will ask on the construction site of your career? If you give full satisfaction in these few months, it is important not to dismiss the idea that all the people you meet on site, may be led to entrust you with other projects in the future. You should never underestimate the power of a network, whether professional or private, it is often like this that we are
offered new things …

Travel cheap

You have the chance to travel cheap, why do not you do it? We all know the little tips to reduce costs during your experience abroad. Good deals, plane tickets during school periods defying all competitions ehe! The team invites you to travel and gain unique professional experience: it is the assurance of being more credible to recruiters.

Need information for your internship abroad

Do not hesitate to contact us about internship requests abroad, you can contact us and we will help you, as usual! 😉