Top 10 fun facts about Slovenia! If you want to know 10 Fun Facts about Slovenia, you’re in the right place, WELCOME in da place. Eyes wide-open? Slovenia is a country in Central Europe bordering Italy, so close to us. And yet, it remains very unknown to the general public —> discovery!

1 / Slovenians are great wine lovers. There is no less than one vineyard for 70 people in the country. We can be clever with our Bordeaux, but we have some lessons to take from our friends.

2 / Slovenia is not only the country of wine, but second Fun Fact about it: the city of Maribor is home to the oldest vineyards in the world, no less than 400 years old!

3 / Besides the wine, Slovenians are especially friends with nature and animals: there are still 400 bears in Slovenia, and their population is growing.

4 / We can also find the oldest horse breeding, still active, in Slovenia: 425 years! The guys are precursors.

5 / The territory is 50% covered by forests! I have never seen so much forests in one place man ! All around the lake, all around Ljubjlana ! This is crazy

5 fun facts on Slovenia, still !

6 / The nature is so beautiful and so dense, that the production of the Narnia World has been in Slovenia, in the Socha Valley! There flows a turquoise river. We tested, it’s sublime.

7 / The symbol of Slovenia is the dragon! Yeah guys, well before Daenerys Typhoon, Queen of all and earbreaker, it’s the good Jason who has tamed the dragon in Slovenia. By the way, double fact: the country still has dragons. If you have read books.

8 / Slovenians are good at ski! They are the first to have ridden Everest as a couple, but also who accumulate the Olympic medals in boardsports, or they who have the longest ski jumping track in the world!

9 / In Slovenia, you can pay to sleep in prison. Yes yes, in prison. By paying. Here you are!

10 / Last, but not least. Slovenians have changed the course of their history with pens rather than swords! Indeed, rather than make the revolution, the guys have published an article in the newspaper to force the communists to make the country democratic. Sweet boyz !

Here we are ! You know more about this beautiful country! If these 10 fun facts about Slovenia make you want to go on an internship, you know what to do : contact us.