Would you like to do your internship in Slovenia, and more precisely in Ljubljana? It’s here! We give you all the important things you need to know before you start your adventure.

The cost of living

You will make some savings in Slovenia; Ljubljana is a very economical capital in all types of purchases: in restaurants, in bars (a pint of beer costs 2,65 euros against 7 euros in Paris!) and in the supermarket (a small example: 1 kg of roast beef costs 10,20 euros, in Paris 18,80 euros).

Also public transport and clothes are not expensive: the price of a one-way ticket is 1.30 euros and the monthly pass costs 37 euros. So, if you want to go shopping, Ljubljana is the ideal city for you.

Living in Ljubljana during your internship abroad

To begin with, Ljubljana is a safe city; the cases of violence and crime are very low. Everyone can walk around in the middle of the night without any problems.

People are fantastic and very helpful to foreigners, even if they are not as warm or outgoing. In fact, to better integrate, it would be necessary to know Slovenian, but it is a very difficult language. To communicate, however, it will be enough to know English.

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