Where to do your internship abroad in hotel domain ?

Question that you probably ask yourself if you study in the hotel domain and you have to find  internship abroad. And if you’re here, I guess you’re about to choose the ideal country. Internship in Bulgaria, Croatia or Greece?

Internship in Bulgaria

First, Bulgaria is a beautiful country and its capital Sofia, is resplendent! For an internship in the hotel industry, it’s downright good! This sector is in full development as the number of tourists is increasing every year! Well apparently the stars are given a little easier than in France, but it remains honest. You can also do your internship in Bulgaria on the shores of the Black Sea, large international hotel chains are located there. It is advisable to speak English a minimum, or at least 2 languages.

Internship in Croatia

Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations around the Mediterranean. 12 to 13 million tourists a year and it continues to increase! Privatized since 1992 for the most part by the government, the hotels are mostly located in sparsely populated areas! At least you’re quiet. But it is inevitably tourist destinations so, no worries, you will have mates! These days, Croatia attracts a lot of international channels. Do your internship in Croatia in Dubrovnik, Zagreb or Split, honestly, you have plenty to find 🙂

Internship in Greece

And Greece, of course! You can make your internship easy in the luxury hotel industry. Santorini, Mykonos, Thessaloniki, Athens .. Moreover to your internship in Greece, you will not have time to get bored there is always something to do! You will be able to visit the monasteries of the Meteor, one of the most touristic sites of the country! Also listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 1998. Its Mediterranean climate is clearly an advantage, and it probably promotes the warm welcome attitude of the Greek, if you take the time to learn a few words of their language. You can also wander among the thousands of islands that Greece possesses, with their white thatched houses and their blue shutters.

So here are 3 destinations that we chose if you want to do your internship abroad in the hotel world. An internship in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, or even elsewhere? Just contact us if you need help, we answer your questions 🙂