2 years to save the world! This is the cry of alarm sounded on 11.09. to warn of the climate catastrophe: there are still two years to reverse the trend and change things. So even if this speech is a little guilty for the citizens, and a good ecological tax on polluting companies, we don’t say no… we act. And, we give you 5 little ecological tips, to pollute less, and live better. This is what we do at International Horizons!

Do your own laundry
You’re already saving money. For 15 bucks’ worth of investment to start with, you’re doing machines for six months. We only cook it with organic products that are reputed to be non-polluting. You will spend an hour every 6 months to do your laundry, and afterwards: no more need to spend money, and moreover you don’t pollute.

Unsubscribe from newsletters
We don’t have any: you’ll never get any from us. And, we unsubscribe from all the newsletters we subscribe to. E-mails, when you send them, and when you store them, it creates carbon, and carbon pollutes. So less email, less carbon, less pollution. OK, it took us a good two hours to unsubscribe from everywhere, but at the same time to act green, and cheap: you can’t do much better.

Unplugging charged devices
I – Sébastien – am waging a merciless war to unplug unused chargers, unused devices etc. Yes, it’s painful to reconnect your plates, your machine, your computer, your phone etc. but 1) it’s very economical to unplug them, 2) you don’t pollute. When the electricity will be completely green, we’ll see what happens. By the way, I invite you to visit an online electricity comparator: green electricity is not more expensive depending on the city where you live.

Drastic reduction in consumption
At International Horizons, there’s never any meat. Raising animals consumes a lot of water and grain. Cereal production also requires a lot of water, but also deforestation and pesticides. So, more meat, more pesticides, more deforestation, more water consumption, and therefore less pollution.

Less paper
When you work with schools, most of them ask you for brochures. Now they say no: everything online; email is still less polluting than printing brochures. So the only papers we have are the European mandates for ERASMUS+ projects and the quotes we publish. The rest, we stopped!

You too, like us, and above all like millions of people, can take action. If you have any tips: leave them as comments, sharing is excellent for the planet.

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