Al Andaous! We’re going to talk here about internships in Spain, internships in Andalusia … because yes, summer is coming and maybe it’s time for you to tan quietly while working this summer! So, ready?

My internship in Spain

Spain is the first Erasmus + destination for students. This country is recovering slowly but surely from the economic crisis of 2008, and full of internship offers are available! Sectors such as tourism, technology, international trade and communication are hiring. From Catalonia to Andalusia, from Zaragoza to Galicia, each region has its cultural and economic differences! A Spanish speaking internship can bring you a lot of things!

What do I do during my internship in Andalusia?

One of the most touristic regions of Spain! Its historical past attracted crowds, and many are remnants of the Muslim era. Cordoba, Seville, Malaga: all these cities are worth seeing! Malaga, founded more than 2800 years ago, is one of the oldest cities in the world: magnificent! Seville, the economic and cultural heart of Andalusia, also has a prestigious historical past and is, therefore, one of the most visited cities in Southern Europe. The climate is very cool, 18 ° is the average temperature in winter … While in France we freeze in the snow, they are already tanning. If you like hiking, the region is covered in 18% protected natural parks.

An internship in Spain: an internship in the Balearic Islands, an internship in Andalusia. Everything is possible ! Just contacte and we find your internship abroad.

Al Andaous!