Come do your internship in Europe : An Internship abroad, a way to challenge you! You want a new experience that will bring you both professional and personal, so contact the team of International Horizons and go for your internship abroad!

One way to improve your language skills

Do you have an average level in English or do you want to improve? An internship in Taiwan for example is for you. Taiwan is the touristic destination of the moment in our agency. Practice English or have a first international experience is good for students.

A unique experience

An internship abroad is a human and professional experience. This will allow you to have a mobility at the professional level not insignificant for recruiters. Because of that, you will be able to open yourself to other cultures that you may not have discovered yet. You will adapt more easily, you will have facilities to communicate with people of different cultures and you will be more autonomous so much at the professional level as at the personal level …

An internship in Europe

Do you want to discover Europe during your internship? With experience, it is better to travel professionally than to travel personally. Getting out of your comfort zone will confront you with the harsh law of reality

Internship with International Horizons, a difference guaranteed

From the end of your studies, when will come the long-awaited moment to look for work, having a CV where you have done internships abroad is a plus. More and more people redouble their imagination through their application with a creative and original resume. Thanks to us, you will have a candidacy accompanied by a good experience abroad. So you can use our organization to find an internship abroad. Need advice or information? Do not hesitate to contact us about internship  abroad, you can contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.