An internship abroad in culture is possible! And, more and more of you are asking us for it. We will give you an overview of the possibilities offered by cultural internships abroad. Note beforehand that an internship abroad is not necessarily remunerated, regardless of the duration, and this is even more true, unfortunately, in the field of culture, which is often managed by public actors or associations.

An internship abroad in culture: field of Art
It all depends on your training and your ambitions. But, Art is a very buoyant sector, whether in the sale of ancient or contemporary art. You can do an internship in communication, marketing, web development, business development … a lot of possibilities, because Art is not only for the wealthy, galleries and museums, but also for stratups and festivals! We can even find you an internship in financial engineering in Art.

An internship abroad in culture: field of Music
Fortunately, the music is not limited to Taylor Swift and JUL: there’s also Maître Gims, who we also embrace. Doing an internship abroad in music offers many possibilities, whether in an operational position – technician, sound engineer … – or not – communication, events etc… We have had several happy experiences, especially during internships in Latvia, Ireland, Malta and Poland!

An internship abroad in the field of culture: History field
History isn’t just your teacher in a ribbed jacket – Madame Tanguy if you’re reading this, don’t blame me for playing on clichés! To do a course related to History, there are so many possibilities: combining History and Art, History and Tourism, History and Research … Depending on your past experiences, and especially on what you’re considering as a career, we’ll find you the perfect internship abroad!

An internship abroad in culture: publishing field
*my favorite* Publishing is culture, too, and aside from aspiring student librarians, many of us neglect publishing. However, there are many opportunities for internships abroad in this field: publishing, communication, press relations, design … the range of possibilities is unlimited, for your internship abroad [that rhymes!]!

And if it’s the hess to find your internship abroad in the field of culture, or any other, International Horizons is there to help you!

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