An internship in Business Development in Asia is possible, even without knowing the rudiments of one of the languages represented in Asia: English is enough! However, it’s not easy to get it: between jet lag, cultural incomprehension or the difficulty to find companies via the web, it’s sometimes a struggle! However, you know it: International Horizons is there to set your internship abroad on fire! By the way, as an introduction I would quote Alicia Keys “With International Horizons, this internship is on fire”. Thanks to her, we embrace it.

An internship in Business Development
Already you have to focus on what you put behind this term: sales, communication, marketing … it’s a bit of a buzzword that means everything and nothing. So define in advance the missions that will interest you, at least the main lines. Afterwards, it’s up to you to adapt to the needs of the company. Then, you also have to choose a field: working on commercial skills in a startup, in an art gallery or in the wine industry, nothing to do with it! After all that, all you have to do is choose THE destination that makes you dream.

An internship in Business Development in Thailand
No matter how long it lasts, if you leave with an internship contract, it’s a paid name. So you have to budget to live there. Thailand is if not the most reactive country of the three that we propose on the destination Asia. We advise it for those who would be in first mobility in Asia: the country is more affordable, there is a large French-speaking community: it’s more reassuring. As far as the field is concerned, Thailand has a very varied economy, you can find all types of internships in this country. Note anyway that we don’t send you anywhere: there are regions where it’s still crazy (<<- this word comes from my grandmother, I don’t even know if you understand it), so we are only targeted on the cities we master.

An internship in Business Development in Taiwan

Bim! If you want to improve your Mandarin, this is the destination. A small drawback: no training course starts in January and February. It’s Chinese New Year on February 5th this year, and every time, companies are very slowed down by the festivities. So they don’t accept trainees. Moreover, the notion of trainees is still rather vague, so the recruitment time is quite long, it is necessary to plan at least 3 months in advance, the time to find the internship and then make the visa, leave quietly & co! From this country we have only excellent returns, the students all come back happy with their experience. And, pompom on the cake: you can visit Asia cheaply from Taiwan, because the island offers Low-Cost destinations!

An internship in Business Development in South Korea
The latest addition to International Horizons. The recruitment process is long, plan at least 4 to 5 months in advance; and, note that the schedules are more extensive than in other countries, they vary from 40H to 52H per week. Most of the companies focus on Seoul; to tell you the truth, for them, Daegu – 2 million inhabitants – is far too small to find a job. #Come to Montluçon. South Korea offers a variety of opportunities, the economy is still growing, the cost of living is very low, and we’re all digital and connected. If it’s technology that interests you, this is THE Asian country to go to!

So for your internship in business development in Asia, you know what you have to do: contact us!

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