You who are watching this article, do not be surprised: I speak well of internship in the world of the night. The bars, the clubs, the concert halls, and probably all the best on this Earth. And you want to go abroad, if possible where the population is well. For that we selected you 3 countries!


To begin with Hungary. You will surely tell you that it is a small country weird that still has its own currency, that you will be lost with his language that does not look like any other … I stop you right now! Hungarian cities are very popular with young foreigners. What makes cities like Budapest quite cosmopolitan. You will not have to worry if you manage in English. In addition life is cheap, you can eat and drink for reasonable prices. The beer is 2 euros, the spirits between 6 and 7 euros, and the daily menu at 5 euros!


If it does not suit you perfectly, that you are looking for more exoticism, there is the Balearic Islands. This archipelago is not only limited to Ibiza, there is also Majorca, Menorca, Formentera … Tourism being the main activity, you should not have too much trouble to find an internship in the world of the night. In addition, it will be a good opportunity to improve your Spanish! Of course the islands are not dedicated to the party. You can always invigorate yourself in the surrounding mountains, rich in nature.


And if you are still not convinced, there is still Cyprus! The weather is nice all year round, and it’s literally a crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Many foreigners converge there. You will find nightclubs of all kinds, restaurants and bars dancing on the background of bouzouki … The island of the party to summarize.

An internship in the world of the night is the opportunity to see another facet of the country we discover. Do not hesitate to contact the HI team!