ATANASOV is the new baby of International Horizons. After Hyphen Towards Future to reform youth support in the European Union through the amendment of the Bratislava Charter (still in progress!), International Horizons presented on February 2nd a new project to the ERASMUS + National Agency: ATANASOV, to make the student entrepreneur status become European.

ERASMUS +: what is it?
In a nutshell, ERASMUS + is not limited to offering grants for students to go abroad for internships or academic semesters. ERASMUS + is a huge programme (which costs only 8 cents per inhabitant!) and which allows Europeans to carry out projects on various themes, particularly in the field of Youth.

International Horizons and ERASMUS +
International Horizons is therefore an agency for the placement of trainees abroad, but not only! Concerned about the common good, the team develops non-profit projects to develop the European Union and in particular: support for disadvantaged young people (Hyphen Towards Future), student entrepreneurs (ATANASOV) and high school students in mobility, a project that will be the subject of another blog. We therefore submit projects to the Agency, which chooses, or not, to finance them.

ATANASOV is a vast project, which aims to install the student entrepreneur status everywhere in Europe on the same system as France. Because, today, only France and Belgium have taken measures in favour of young entrepreneurs, and not the least: students can have the time spent setting up a business validated – under certain conditions – in ECTS credits and thus more easily reconcile studies and entrepreneurship. The project therefore provides for 3 phases: a training phase so that the project partners (Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Macedonia, Sweden) are trained in the French method, a test phase with high schools and universities and finally a final phase to lobby and transpose the status in the countries mentioned above.

And the ambition does not stop there! The objective, in the long run, is that all the countries that have signed the Bologna agreement (LMD system – Licence Master Doctorate) should be able to benefit from the same status: let’s keep in touch, we’ll continue, and we’ll keep you informed!

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