Ah, Latvia… A beautiful Baltic country! Bertrand, gives us his very complete testimony on his internship in Latvia in civil engineering ?

Your internship, was it everything you expected?

“Yes, perfectly, I had applied for an internship in a large construction company. And the company where I did my internship is one of the 2 biggest companies in Latvia. I wanted to improve my English skills. It’s done, I left with hardly knowing how to express myself in English. Today, I can hold a conversation in English for my work as well as in an everyday discussion. It has been very beneficial for me, I also learned new skills in my work, especially in technical drawing where they are more advanced than us, especially in 3D modeling”.

What did you like about your new country?

“To tell the truth, I had a great experience completely immersed in Latvian culture since I was in a host family. I visited many places in Latvia and I can tell you that the nature is just beautiful here between forests, swamps and countryside. I was a little bit scared before I left, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was introduced to a lot of specialties and I enjoyed almost everything. They also have quite a lot of nice alcohol with good beers and the famous Black Balsam. Concerning Riga, it is a nice and safe city with a lot of parks, beautiful monuments, good and cheap bars and restaurants. One of the last advantages of Riga is that you can do almost everything on foot.”

And if you had to do it again, would you go back through International Horizons? Why would I do that?

“Yes of course, first of all because they really listen to your requests and it’s a great experience for me. I had such a hard time finding an internship abroad before I found International Horizons that to avoid wasting unnecessary time I might as well go through this start-up that has contacts all over the place.”

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