BTS CI internship in Ireland: hello to all! This is it, this is it, this is the year of your internship abroad! The missions are already defined by your school, and on the program, only beautiful people: telephone prospecting and emailing, database management, business development. BTS CI internships are hard to find, and that’s why the HI team is here!

Why do a BTS CI internship in Ireland?

1° English
We’re not going to lie to each other. If you’re not good at English and you want to work in international trade, you’ll have to get started. And what’s better than Ireland? Cheaper than the United Kingdom, the United States or the Netherlands, and that’s already an excellent reason to do your internship in Ireland.

2° People are very nice
Ireland has been a land of welcome for a long time, you’ll come across all sorts of nationalities (perfect for studying your Portuguese or Spanish over a pint). As a result, the Irish are used to welcoming, and they do it well.

3° The country is splendid
You will probably do your internship in Dublin, Galway, Cork or Sligo: most of the companies in the trade are located in the city. But during your weekends, go and discover the rest of the country, whether it is the other cities or the countryside, the island is superb and deserves a big detour.

4° Going to Ireland is not expensive
There are two ways to get there: either the plane or the ferry. If you are coming from Strasbourg or Nice, we certainly agree that the ferry may not be the best option ever. But if you come from the West (lucky you), it might be worth taking the ferry with your car, and your other mates who are going to Ireland for an internship. Road-trips on the weekend in perspective, and we love that (we don’t forget that we drive on the left!).

Otherwise, the plane. Wherever you are, Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg or Lille, all the airports serve Ireland, and at very reduced prices. If you book your plane ticket two or three months in advance, you shouldn’t have to pay more than 100 euros. Cheaper than taking the train to see your grandparents in France, then.

If you are HOT HOT for an internship in Ireland, contact us, and we will find you your BTS internship abroad!

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