Do you want to do a BTS SAM internship in Finland? Welcome young friend, if you are looking for an internship in Scandinavia, you are at the right place. Why do an internship in Finland?

Internship in Finland: improve your English

For your BTS SAM internship in Finland, you will need your English. And not just a little. It’s best to have a good level of English before you go. Once there, you will be able to practice your English easily. Finns have a very good command of English and for good reason: they are among the best in Europe. English is a compulsory subject in primary and secondary school. And anyway they don’t have much choice: everything is English. Some newspapers are in English, the television too …

Internship in Finland: its culture and landscapes

Finnish culture differs particularly from its neighbouring countries. In addition to discovering Helsinki and its many modern wooden buildings, you can also visit the country’s more than 300 museums. Discovering Finland’s cultural and artistic heritage will bring you closer to the Finns. Don’t miss a concert at the Sibelius Palace in Lahti! They will appreciate your curiosity. Finns are more individualistic than in some other cultures. There is a great deal of emphasis on privacy and self-respect. The landscapes are so grandiose: Mount Koli in North Karelia, the jagged coastal regions, the hundreds of lakes, and the Northern Lights! Mother Nature is omnipresent and you will be surrounded by a restful calm.

A BTS SAM internship in Finland is quite possible: contact us!

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