Choosing your internship destination abroad is always a bit of a hassle, and you often hesitate between pleasure and skills. If you love the sun, the beach and you want to improve your skills, a BTS Tourism internship in Southern Europe makes a lot of sense!

Internship of BTS Tourism in Portugal

Portugal is the rising European destination for tourists, young and old. Porto, Faro, Lisbon: so many cities with all the necessary infrastructures to welcome tourists. They are already very popular, and have become even more so since the democratisation of low-cost flights from Portugal. everywhere.

Internship of BTS Tourism in Spain

Eeeeeee vivaaa Espaaanaa! Doing your internship in Spain is also very interesting: it is one of the most touristic countries in Europe. And advantage, you have so many foreign clients, you don’t even need to speak Spanish: you will improve your English, Spanish and Italian! Because for example in Ibiza there are a lot of Germans and Italians, Barcelona … there’s everything! Madrid is full of tourists! In short, doing your BTS Tourism internship in Spain is easy!

Internship of BTS Tourism in Italy

So there: even more meaning! Italy alone has around 50% of the monuments classified by UNESCO: so, what better place for an internship in Europe than Italy? And then you can go wherever you want: Rome, Bari, Naples, Palermo, Milan, Florence, etc! The Italians, moreover, are very open to the concept of internship and have a large French clientele, so it’s important for them to have French speakers!

Internship of BTS Tourism in Slovenia

The least touristic of the countries presented here, and what a mistake! Slovenia is SUBLIME frr’ (or sister!); it’s very warm, it’s intoxicating, it’s royal. Besides, Slovenia has launched a great offensive on tourism with aggressive marketing campaigns, notably with the #FeelSlovenia campaign, which you can find everywhere! Slovenia, moreover, is not limited to its capital: in the Slovenian Alps, you can go on the Soca, a turquoise river (really!), you can also go to Koper, Maribor or Bled, which rival in tourist interest.

Internship of BTS tourism in Greece

Is it really necessary to present Greece for tourism? It is one of the great seaside and cultural destinations of the European Union. Whether Athens for cultural tourism, Thessaloniki or Santorini for seaside tourism, a BTS Tourism course in Greece makes a lot of sense!

For your BTS tourism internship in Southern Europe, you know what you have to do; contact the Team, we’ll find you an internship in Europe!

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