Do you want to combine professional and cultural experience? Go for an internship in Eastern Europe and enjoy an experience you will only do once in your life! Follow our match Bulgaria VS Ukraine and you will be conquered, ready to fly away to an enriching experience.

Bulgaria is perhaps the most enigmatic of all Eastern European countries. Surrounded by Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey, this “vestibule of the East” is at the heart of Balkan Europe. It is considered to be the jewel of the Black Sea.

Ukraine is situated on the borders of Europe and Central Asia and has only been independent since 1991. Fresh out of Soviet socialism, it is beginning to open up to the world!

Would you like to know more? Our match Bulgaria VS Ukraine will answer all your questions!

Bulgaria VS Ukraine : Match 1
Is winter the season you hate? Avoid Ukraine! Indeed the winter lasts there on average 5 months and is long and rigorous not exceeding 2°C: hell on Earth for the cold that we are. Winter is punctuated by buran (snowstorm) or black buran (dust storm). In summer the climate remains hot but very rainy. In Bulgaria on the contrary the summers are hot and dry and the winters cold and snowy, with frequent snowfalls in the mountains. So you will have understood that if you want to enjoy a pleasant climate, go and do your internship in Bulgaria!

Bulgaria VS Ukraine: Match 2
In Sofia, Bulgaria, English clearly took over. Elsewhere, there are German speakers, a few French speakers and, in the older generation, quite a few Russian speakers. In Ukraine it is imperative to know a few words of Russian if you do not speak Ukrainian. Only a few young people in the big cities speak English. So if for you Cyrillic is totally unknown but you speak English, Bulgaria is for you! An internship in Bulgaria is the best for English!

Bulgaria VS Ukraine : Match 3
You want to be a teacher? Bulgaria is looking for profiles in education but not only…the mining industry or the sustainable technologies sector is recruiting. In Ukraine unemployment is unfortunately on the rise! If you want an experience in agriculture, this country will be perfect for you. Ukraine is the 5th largest grain exporter in the world, yes! Coal mining, chemical and mechanical products (airplanes, turbines, locomotives and tractors) and shipbuilding are also important sectors. So your choice will depend on your skills! It’s important to choose certain destinations based on what you want to achieve in skills. We are here to guide you in your choice of internship abroad!

Bulgaria VS Ukraine: Match 4
How about we talk about relaxation? Because chilling out is important! In Bulgaria you can explore the forests, lost valleys, lakes and rivers, bounded to the north by the wide course of the Danube and to the east by the golden beaches of the Black Sea. The variety of landscapes goes hand in hand with the variety of activities, from hiking to skiing to swimming. In Ukraine, flat landscapes, huge wheat fields on black soil, isolated farmsteads behind their hedges of trees dominate the landscape. But there are also the wooded mountains of the Carpathians in the south-west and, on the shores of the Black Sea, the Crimean beaches with their azure blue waters.

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