Are you preparing an internship abroad for your BTSA Landscaping? We know that internships are hard to find and that students spend a lot of energy on their research, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you and we’ll make it easier with our advice 😉

BTSA AP: Choosing your destination
Of course, he doesn’t always have to do his internship abroad to validate his BTSA Landscaping, but frankly, discovering another country, living in the midst of a new culture, all of this as part of his studies is an incredible experience! All that remains is to know where to go now ;). Nothing better than Asia for a total change of scenery. Immerse yourself in local cultures, discover a completely different gastronomy for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds.

BTSA AP: Preparing for the course
Make sure you learn about the customs of the country you are visiting! For example, in Thailand, you should not point your feet at a Thai person or they might think you are insulting them! Be very careful to prepare your papers, especially your identity papers, it may seem trivial but it is essential. Don’t hesitate to make photocopies or even save them on a platform accessible on the internet!

To choose your internship abroad with BTSA Landscaping, contact the International Horizons team, the specialist in internships abroad!

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