Combining an internship abroad and surfing, it’s possible! It’s hard to imagine leaving your board aside for several months and forgetting the soft roar of fresh foam on your suit? Ahh if you do your internship abroad, there is always a way to get a little spotzeh! Some destinations that could light up your eyes 🙂

Internship in South Africa
Yes, buddy! Or mate. I don’t want to be accused of sexism. South Africa is one of the best surfing spots in Africa. The country is well developed, they find you an internship abroad in the area you want, not too far from a spot and instead of finishing your evenings at the pub with Mateo and Virginia, go to the beaches, the board under your arm to surf the African waves.

Internship in Mexico
If you’re doing your internship in Mexico, ditto. Nothing to worry about. Askip, the island of Todos Santos in Baja California (just below California in the USA) offers very good spots and is also ranked among the best in the world. But beware, only the cream of the cream ventures there! Sayulita also, one hour from Puerto Vallarta which is a small surf village! Beautiful little village, the coast is just as beautiful, the people are adorable … in short a good Mexican atmosphere, without the gang wars. And we prefer it. Please note that International Horizons only finds internships in Mexico on the areas recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and if you are looking for your own tone abroad: I recommend you to do the same.

Internship in Portugal
Of course, Nazaré (you must know it: it’s like 25-metre high waves and that’s where the world records are broken). Well, that’s for the hottest ones. Then you have Espinho, a small seaside town with its 8km beach. A lot of competitions are held there. I was there at the end of August, and really great! Except for the fog that fell surprisingly fast. After all, the town is not very pretty. Supertubos, in Peniche, also offers high quality waves. There are the Rip Curl Pro Portugal, a big international competition!

Combine training abroad and surfing, it’s possible! Well I hope you will find your ideal spot to occupy your free time! If you have any questions about how to combine a surfing destination and your internship in Portugal or Mexico, contact us, we have some advice to give you, whether it’s for surfing or to find your ideal destination for an internship abroad!