The culinary specialties in South Korea: some dishes are to be absolutely tested! The goal is to avoid having regrets when returning to France, when you eat sauerkraut. So, if you plan to do your internship in Korea, here are some specialties that you will have the obligation (we leave no choice) to test. GO for your internship in Asia.


It is a dish of North Korean origin, popularized in South Korea during the Korean War. It is a noodle soup served with a hard-boiled egg, apple pieces, red pepper and slices of cucumber. They are mostly consumed in summer since they are served cold.

The bimbimbap

Explosion of flavor! It’s a mixture of several ingredients: rice, vegetables, sesame seeds, fried egg and minced beef! You can also add gochujang, a paste of red pepper to spice up this sweet mixture.

The Kimchi

A dish very common in South Korea. These are vegetables marinated in chilli (again;)). They love spicy food! To get used to it when you go on an internship in South Korea, it will take you a few weeks, even months.

Mandus (Korean dumplings)

Consumed in Korea during lunar new year holidays, it is a traditional dish that used to prepare with family. It is a mixture of mushrooms, beef, leeks, sesame, tofu in a dough made from wheat flour, buckwheat or water? It can also be tested in salty sweet.

Korean barbecue

They are particularly popular with Koreans in the evening. Especially from restaurants that have barbecues for everyone to bring his meat to cook! So we take a leaf of salad and we put the meat, bean paste, sesame … etc! Usually accompanied by a few glasses of alcohol and a good friendly moment!

Teok (rice cake)

For dessert, it is based on rice paste. It can be cooked in salty or sweet, according to the tastes of each. It is often used at parties or ceremonies.


Delicious biscuits made with flour, honey, sesame oil and ginger. In the shape of a flower, it is very very sweet!


The drink of the country! Like Guinness for Ireland! It is an alcoholic drink still at 15%, with various flavors such as orange, or other fruits. It is very sweet and we feel very little alcoholic taste. Just drink 2 or 3 to be a little Y

You had a little more desire to taste the food? If so, all the better. If not, you can look at other destinations for your internship in Asia! Taiwan, Thailand, … Do not hesitate to contact us;)