It’s been a while since we talked about Cyprus, so we meet again today on a blog about the cultural differences between France and Cyprus. Here are 2 or 3 cultural differences! Ready for your internship in Cyprus? Let’s get started!

Spoken languages

Cypriots speak Greek but with a very strong accent in the south of the island, while in the north of the island they prefer to speak Turkish in public. The same goes for the cuisine, which will be more Greek in the south and more Turkish in the north. While in France, we have only one official language: French!

A religious dividing line, the “green line”…

In France, there is no visible demarcation between the different religions. During your internship in Cyprus, you will know that there is a line called the Green Line, which separates the Sunni Muslims in the north and the Greek Orthodox in the south.

The rhythm of life

In France we are still in a hurry, we take the time to eat but the break is 1 or 2 hours maximum. In Cyprus, it’s a bit like in Greece: we take the big break from 12 to 4pm in general. For your internship in Cyprus, it will be chill.

There are still a few things you will discover when you do your internship in Cyprus. Contact us if you need more information!

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