You think there are cultural differences between France and Georgia but you don’t know what they might be? You are right! Some notable differences exist between France and Georgia! You’ll be able to discover them right away ?

Cultural difference between France and Georgia: married life

The situation in France is changing and patriarchy is less present than in the past. In Georgia, on the other hand, patriarchy is well established. The man is still perceived as the sole decision-maker in the household. It is rare for couples living under the same roof not to be married, as in Georgia couples marry after about one year of relationship. Marriage is practically obligatory for Georgian couples, unlike in France where many couples live together for many years or even a lifetime without getting married. Little by little things are changing in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi, where the position of marriage is gradually changing. 

Cultural difference between France and Georgia: the kiss

To say hello, Georgians kiss each other whether they are men or women. That is, women kiss each other and a man and a woman also kiss each other. To say hello, two men shake hands and kiss each other at the same time. However, if you meet a new person, it is customary to simply shake hands. It would be frowned upon by the locals to kiss for a first meeting. In France, it is also customary for women to kiss each other, for men to kiss women, and for men to kiss men, but this is less common than in Georgia. 

Cultural difference between France and Georgia: generosity is an important value

In Georgia, generosity is really one of the main values of the locals. Georgians strongly appreciate exchanging and helping others when they can. They always favour the other before thinking of themselves, unlike in France where individualism can sometimes take precedence over community. Georgians also attach particular importance to the family. Thus, it is not uncommon in Georgia for entire families to live under the same roof, unlike in France, where today it is very rare for entire families to live under the same roof. In France, the place of the family depends on the relationship with the family, whereas in Georgia, the family is really at the centre of the life of the locals. 

Cultural difference between France and Georgia: taking the road can be surprising

Getting on the road and driving in Georgia can be a relatively confusing and stressful time. In Georgia, people usually drive very fast and traffic rules are not always respected. If you go to Georgia, I advise you to be careful and alert even as a pedestrian. This is quite different from France, because in France the traffic rules are relatively respected. The last surprising thing is that the locals in Georgia regularly honk their horns. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not happy and so you shouldn’t take it the wrong way if you get honked at. This is a major difference with France because in France when you honk your horn, it’s to show your discontent. 

Cultural difference between France and Georgia: the way of speaking, patience and schedules

Once there, you will quickly notice that Georgians are quite loud and like to discuss a wide variety of topics. It can happen that the tone rises between them during their exchanges. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are getting into trouble. It is a way for them to show that they are involved in their conversation. Another small cultural difference with France is that in France, people respect queues.  Surely you wouldn’t see yourself passing your front neighbour who has been waiting longer than you? Well, in Georgia, it’s perfectly normal to pass your neighbour who was there before. If it happens to you, don’t hesitate to impose yourself and above all to be patient! The last cultural difference I can tell you about is the fact that in Georgia, contrary to France, shops open around 10 am and not before, but they also close later. 

As you will have understood, there are several cultural differences between France and Georgia. If this is a country that tempts you, I advise you to go there for the beauty of the landscapes and to meet exceptional people. If you want more information, contact us!