The cultural differences between France and Poland. You want to go on an internship in Poland and you want to get an insight into the culture? You’ve come to the right place. Here we go.

Another notion of proximity

Poles are not Latin, but Slavic. In Poland, you don’t kiss a stranger when you are introduced and you are not ultra-tactile with people you have just met. Poles may seem colder and less approachable than usual. Don’t worry too much though. Poles are warm and welcoming, you just need a little time to adapt. Prepare your liver too if you drink alcohol, as they are party animals! 

Respect the traffic lights 

Even if it’s for a line, I decided it’s worth a title: don’t cross when the man is red. It’s very respected in Poland and for good reason you can get a fine if you don’t respect it and you’ll understand everyone. So listen to dad and apply.

West and East

Having been to Poland, we noticed a difference between the big cities of the West and the East of the country. Indeed, the big cities in the West are more European and culturally close to what you are familiar with, while the East is more Slavic, with sometimes even German influences like in Gdansk or Wroclaw. Note however that Polish folklore is as varied and developed as in France.  

The church and the word

Polish society in general tends to be more conservative than in France. The church still has a big influence on morals, where the French are more liberal. I don’t think I need to remind you of the latest news on women’s rights to illustrate.

Poland is an atypical choice for your internship abroad, this experience will stand out on your CV and will certainly arouse curiosity. This central European country has so much to offer and to visit. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!