What about an internship abroad in Turkey? Sure, but do you know the cultural differences between France and Turkey? It’s okay, I’ll give you a good overview here to avoid impers 🙂 Better than being a subscriber to Masdak, follow the guide!

Respect for the elderly 

The Turkish people give special importance to the elders in their daily lives. They have priority in the supermarket, in transport. Don’t be surprised and make a point of being vigilant and considerate. Most obviously, don’t take their picture without their permission.  

Appropriate dress 

Turkey is a country with a Muslim majority. Thus, it is good manners (and above all respectful) to cover up and dress decently when visiting places of worship open to the public. 


Turkey is known for its very hospitable people, and rightly so! Your neighbour or even someone from your neighbourhood can invite you to drink tea to get to know you better and socialise. You should know that it is culturally impolite to refuse.

The hammam

This is the main activity in Turkey, better than going to the bar, go and have a hammam! Women are very fond of it. It’s a real institution that you should abuse, because frankly, you won’t get better ones elsewhere. The hammam is often an opportunity to get to know each other and is very important for socialising in Turkey. 


Homosexuality in Turkey is a rather taboo subject. The society is predominantly conservative. However: There is little/no discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. Nevertheless, in the more remote and less touristy areas, society tends to be less tolerant. A quick recap of rights: Homosexuality has been decriminalised since 1858! Therefore, it is not sanctioned. Legally, there is no protection against homophobic insults, no gay marriage, no adoption and no blood donation.

Sharing the bills

Unlike in France, it is not common to split the bill in Turkey, the person who invites pays for everything. It’s up to you to remember this when returning the favour. 

Turkey is waiting for you, for your internship abroad! So for your internship in Turkey: contact us!