What are the cultural differences between Romania and France? There are many, and we’ll list some here!

Cultural differences between Romania and France: religion

In France, there is a weak connection to religion. In any case, the churches are empty, Lent everyone is swinging, many Muslims no longer deprive themselves of drinking alcohol; religion, no matter which one, is largely marked by secularism. In Romania, it’s very different: people sign themselves as soon as they pass a church. The Christian religion is very widely followed, and takes an important place in everyday life: religious holidays are followed, churches very busy.

Cultural differences between Romania and France: the relation to money

The French are quite close to their money; especially Auvergnats? Nooon * hum *. Romanians much less: they are much less well off, but for example, for parties and birthday, they are the one whose birthday takes place pays: for family, friends and colleagues! In the restaurant, at the hairdresser’s or in a taxi, it’s the same: the Romanians give tips to everyone, and it’s very important to do it if you want to avoid being annoyed, insulted or simply if you want to avoid to continue to perpetuate our French reputation for stinginess.

Cultural differences between Romania and France: education

In France, you do not leave late when you are child or teenager. In Romania it’s more like the other Latin countries: kids play late on the street, or watch a movie on TV. Teens do not really have an exit time, it is they who decide whether their state of fatigue is high or not; it’s up to them to manage their rest time to be in shape. Education is based more on the needs of the child and his own knowledge of the needs than on that of the parents, as in France, who know in the place of the child. So, if you see young people late in the street in Romania, it’s normal!

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