You are here to discover the cultural differences between Slovenia and France: Welcome! And as you will be able to discover in a few moments, no need to go so far, to take a cultural slap! What are the cultural differences between Slovenia and France? GO!

Cultural differences in ecology

In France, ecology still deserves to do – BIG – progress: we are not yet champions of sorting, we throw the butts by the windows, we have packaging everywhere. In Slovenia, it is radically different. Already, no ecological party, and do you know why? Because everyone does ecology, it’s rooted. So, no need to have a party to defend what should no longer be defended.

Cultural differences in education

Big slap, and huge surprises. When you go to a high school in Slovenia, no cola, no super sweet drinks, but just water, or tea, and it’s free. High school students have the right not to go to class if they go to the gym dedicated to high school, to train. Also, they all speak English, and usually Italian. Perfectly. And finally, they specialize at the age of 14 in their trades. So they are a few years ahead of our program: Slovenia, we are fans!

Cultural differences at the social level

Due to high immigration from Balkan Muslim countries, Slovenians are not racist or nationalistic. The equivalent of Marine Le Pen does not exist: everyone does not care. People help each other a lot and do not steal, the crime rate is very low in Slovenia. You can forget your wallet in a bar, you will find it in its exact place the next day (situation lived in Ljubljana!).

And finally, an anecdote. We were in Slovenia a few months before the French elections. We were stressed, anxious about the politico-media context. In Slovenia, we asked people what was stressing them the most and the answer is unanimous: “it’s snowing late this year”.

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