A cultural stay in Hungary is a great opportunity to make your students evolve in an ambitious European framework. Budapest, is still in the shadow of Prague from a tourist point of view. Nevertheless, its advantageous taxation for start-ups, attracts hundreds of European entrepreneurs and has created a multicultural framework favourable to novelty and job creation. The dynamism of Budapest is such that many brands are setting up their entrepreneurial summer camps here!

A cultural stay in Hungary, a dive into Eastern Europe
Hungary is above all the history of Central Europe, with a country that was very little affected by the strikes during the World Wars. The architecture is magnificently well preserved and makes it easy to retrace the history of the country through the alleys of Budapest. It is also the History of the Soviet bloc, to be discovered from another point of view: that of an occupied country under Moscow pressure. Budapest is another way to discover the history of the European Union.

A cultural stay in Hungary. It is also the discovery of a majestic country, with an economy in full recovery. Budapest is an innovator alongside Estonia and Malta, the three countries attract more and more foreign investment every year, with Google in particular as the leading investor. You can count on our team to build you an exciting discovery program; Sébastien, from International Horizons, is passionate about Central Europe and its politics.

It is also an opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes: the Hungarian Parliament, Margit-Sziget, Lake Héviz or the famous Lake Balaton.

Cultural stay in Hungary, an exceptional heritage
Hungary is therefore also about tourism and a rich heritage that the country is committed to protecting. No less than 7 sites are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

So, to make your students and high school students discover Budapest, Hungary and its dynamic economy during a cultural stay, contact us! Share your desires, free quote, and tailor-made according to your school’s needs!

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