A cultural stay in Malta is a great opportunity to help your students evolve in an English-speaking environment and to discover a culture with European and Arab influences: an exceptional blend, which gives Malta its own island character.

A cultural stay in Malta, a fascinating history

Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world. Its history is however not in rest and deserves a particular attention to discover what is the European Union, and more broadly Europe today. Between the Knights of Malta, the wars of religion, the Arab invasion, membership of the Union … a rich in discovery for your students !

A cultural stay in Malta is not only about this. It is also the discovery of islands more beautiful than others. You can count on our team to build you an exciting discovery program; Marie, cofounder at International Horizons worked 6 months for the Malta Tourist Office.

It is still the opportunity to discover the economic sectors of the island and visit its companies. Do not think that Malta is limited to tourism although the sector is the largest on the island. Malta has an exceptional rate of development thanks to boating, cosmetics and a healthy banking sector. The latter represents nearly 8 times the country’s GDP.

In addition, Malta has a good standard of living!

Cultural stay in Malta, an exceptional heritage

Malta is also tourism and history. The country is committed to protecting its heritage, and already 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites including the Capital (just that!) And 7 other sites are on the waiting list to be validated by the international authority.

So, to discover Valletta, Malta and its Mediterranean islands to your students and high school students during a cultural stay: contact us ! Share your desires, free quote, and tailor-made according to the needs of your school!