A cultural stay in Slovenia is the promise of an intercultural slap! This unknown country, bordering Italy is a few steps from home, and yet it is at the antipodes of France. A radical difference, to name only one: the positive culture!

Cultural stay in Slovenia, breathtaking tours

Ljubljana, the capital. VAlmost not impacted by the wars, it preserves an architectural style peculiar to Slovenia; it is here that you can cross the triple bridge! But, Slovenia is not limited to its capital, its entire territory is a marvel. 50% of the territory is covered by forests, they still have brown bears! Koper and the Mediterranean coast are splendid. It is also one of the countries with the most cellars. And also, it is the country of the Dragons: those of Daenerys, but also real dragons. An exceptional country to visit.

Cultural stay in Slovenia, another way of life

The Slovenes, we told you, are poles apart from the French. Here are the most striking examples! Most high schools offer free gyms to high school students and, with permission to access them whenever they wish. Still in education, no soft drinks but only tea sold in machines, and organic food. The country is also known to be very politically involved; on the other hand no nationalist party, nor ecologic party: even if Slovenia is subjected to a strong migratory pressure of the Balkans, the nationalism is not for them. And, everyone practicing ecology everyday, no need for a party to defend the concept.

A cultural stay abroad, in Slovenia, is the promise of renewal, and rewarding discovery. Discover our programs with varied themes: cultural, business, historical, in the capital or the whole country on a traveling trip! Share your project by contacting us: we are building a tailor-made program, perfectly adapted to your needs and those of your students! We also organize exchanges with high school students to the desire of your institution. So, to provide an enriching experience for your students, contact us.